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  1. I would look more at the tx high school baseball poll and not the coaches poll. I am literally a high school baseball coach and nobody has ever asked me to rank anybody. Not that any of this means anything anyway. Just stuff to talk about.
  2. They are pretty young in every sport and having more success this year than in years past. They aren't great, but this job could certainly be appealing to someone in the twilight of their career or a young guy who wants a first job. They may be close to competing again given the right leadership.
  3. Good spot to give a guy a chance.
  4. Well done Tioga! Interesting school district to watch moving forward.
  5. I want to play a game where we all try and guess the school district based on what you have said, but I don't want to go back to smoaky jail That may open Pandora's box
  6. Keep in consideration one and done moves early in a career could be a promotion or just moving closer to an area you want to be. First jobs aren't always where you want them to be. But, it is important to put down roots at some point.
  7. I can't wait to hear what the "real" story is.
  8. It is either him, his wife, or his momma.
  9. Colmesneil is known for hosting high quality hoops
  10. If Baker's first hire is Tamplin, then I'd say the Baker era is off to an awesome start.
  11. The Rocky Baker coaching tree has developed some really good coaches. I would start there.
  12. Great hire for Henderson. Now everyone stand back and let him do his thing.
  13. That's why football hasn't been good in that town! Can't feed them boys right!
  14. An interview gives you an excuse to go! Don't even have to get the job!
  15. 100% the athletic period is our classroom!
  16. We will pull high school kids if they are in offseason. Never while they are currently participating in a season that is going on right then. We will pull JH kids whenever. They need to learn how to be student athletes! We also have a school district wide tutorial period built in before lunch and before school starts.
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