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  1. He is a very good coach. I think that is what will end up happening.
  2. The head basketball job at SA is posted. So, Barnes will not be doing both.
  3. Yeah the timing of this is very strange. Also, tons of turnaround at Grapeland. Makes you wonder what it is like over there.
  4. 6A split and adjust the numbers accordingly. If 6A splits then expect some of the larger 5A Div 1 schools to get moved up. The enrollment cutoffs will be effected for everybody 1A-6A. Make everything split a little more evenly.
  5. No AD ties to this job. The AD is the baseball coach. But, it is a good school with some talent on the horizon. Definitely a good job.
  6. I heard he was finishing this season and then stepping away. However, I am not sure if that is still the plan.
  7. I have said it before, Henderson is an A++ food town! That is a plus with this job. Other than that, good luck to whoever gets it.
  8. I hope you are right! Stand up guy and good coach.
  9. Easy sell for the kids and community to. He is already bought in to them and visa versa.
  10. What is Barnes role in football? I know he is a dang good basketball coach, VERY well respected in the coaching world. If he is a coordinator I say do it!
  11. Yeah they are covered by dark plastic and kept in the back corner of the store.
  12. Last post was one hour ago DeKlab, what you been up to
  13. Or he and Coach Meeks don't wear the same size lol
  14. I like this hire for Crockett.
  15. Oh without a doubt! That district is BRUTAL. Battles every night!
  16. Yes he was the AD/HFC and is finishing this year as the head baseball coach. No clue on the destination or whether or not h is departure was his idea.
  17. I bet the TEA will leave it up to the school districts but most will not change anything this school year. I don't see a scenario where the UIL leaves any wiggle room though. I bet all of their COVID guidelines stay in place for the remainder of the school year.
  18. So is there an announcement coming soon? Do they have their guy?
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