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  1. I'M CHANGING MY PICK GIMME ALTO Heard something interesting last night that has changed my perspective.
  2. Doesn't matter what your name is. You suck and you act like a head you get fired.
  3. Going to run out of score board bulbs!
  4. Overton Anderson-Shiro Hull Lovelady Cushing Corrigan Grapeland Centerville Garrison Anahuac Timpson West Sabine Oakwood Warren Apple Legacy Christian Chester Diboll WOS Woodville Franklin Livingston Lumberton Longview CHill
  5. Timpson by 1. Comes down to last possession. Doubtful but would be cool
  6. Cayuga Deweyville Kountze Iola Corrigan Centerville Frankston Normangee Garrison Joaquin Alto TIMPSON Hemphill Oakwood Huntington Apple Springs Chester Franklin Newton Woodville Palestine Lumberton Lufkin
  7. This one may get western FAST. DeKalb rolls.
  8. Copy and paste for every game before the playoffs lol
  9. First "miscue" was putting them on the schedule. Second was that blasphemy about Bussey not being the best 2A player in the state.
  10. Colmesneil Deweyville Evadale HD Lovelady Corrigan Groveton Mount Union Hill Chester High Island Oakwood AS Garrison Joaquin Alto Newton Huntington Jasper Lufkin by A LOT
  11. Colmeseil Lovelady Corrigan Chester Apple Richland Springs Oakwood Joaquin Garrison Franklin Warren
  12. I think that says more about their opponents than it does them.
  13. Somebody about to pick up one of their few wins of the year!
  14. Also may not want to "poke the bear" known as Terry Bussey. Pun absolutely intended.
  15. Love the enthusiasm, hate the name dropping of kids. "better than Brooks, better than Bussey" come on now. We all knew what he meant when he said "best in 2A". Just irks me.
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