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  1. Easy sell for the kids and community to. He is already bought in to them and visa versa.
  2. What is Barnes role in football? I know he is a dang good basketball coach, VERY well respected in the coaching world. If he is a coordinator I say do it!
  3. Yeah they are covered by dark plastic and kept in the back corner of the store.
  4. Last post was one hour ago DeKlab, what you been up to
  5. Or he and Coach Meeks don't wear the same size lol
  6. I like this hire for Crockett.
  7. Oh without a doubt! That district is BRUTAL. Battles every night!
  8. Yes he was the AD/HFC and is finishing this year as the head baseball coach. No clue on the destination or whether or not h is departure was his idea.
  9. I bet the TEA will leave it up to the school districts but most will not change anything this school year. I don't see a scenario where the UIL leaves any wiggle room though. I bet all of their COVID guidelines stay in place for the remainder of the school year.
  10. So is there an announcement coming soon? Do they have their guy?
  11. Yeah no way that a coach from Region 4 has ever seen a team in Region 1 play and visa versa. How do you even vote on that? The THSB website and magazine is the "official" poll. Even though I would say don't do a preseason poll at all this year.......they have no idea what anyone looks like each team played like ten games at best last year. A lot of it is based on 2019.
  12. This poll is the coaches poll. Coaches from each region vote on this one. The other is the Texas High School Baseball website and magazine.
  13. Until you get the board and the sup on the same page, hire the janitor. It won't matter who you bring in.
  14. I know right! They do have a pretty nice nine hole course over there.
  15. Not saying there is anything wrong with either political point of view, Momma always said it was impolite to discuss such things. Just saying, one football program and two COMPLETELY different views of how things should go. In football and in the world, I guess.
  16. Politics. Country club types like to try and pull strings. Mix in some REALLY low socioeconomic areas and you have a big ol fat mess. Half of the bleachers in MAGA hats and half of the kids kneeling for the anthem. Half of the town wants one thing and the other half wants a program that is completely different. Just a mess over there right now.
  17. Well, the incumbent must not be the favorite.
  18. Maybe not "the" but one of them for sure!
  19. Or people think they are supposed to win just because of the decal on their helmet. Then, its the coaches fault when it doesn't happen.
  20. Parents need to tell themselves and their kids the truth! I am 100% with you on this whole post.
  21. Yeah thank you Stoney. I am not fluent in lifter yet.
  22. I think you are on to something.
  23. IF bullfrogs carried shotguns then snakes wouldn't mess with them.
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