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  1. Lived in Lindale from 2017-2019. Great town! I want them to pull this out but Argyle is LEGIT. Kudos to two well run programs.
  2. I am ETX through and through, and no disrespect to anyone's teams, but I saw this coming a mile away. Timpson is LEGIT, but Shiner has been the biggest, nastiest, and toughest team in 2A football this year. Those guys are the real deal. I think they go on a run in 3A D2 and maybe 3A D1.
  3. Well ND scored five points in a varsity basketball game the other day so I would say they are not getting in..........
  4. West Rusk has good size but they are not going to get second in this district. You must have been ranking them from the bottom up
  5. I would love to see the Dragons pull this off but my gut tells me it will not happen. Huntsville is legit.
  6. Yeah they are here to stay I imagine.
  7. Three good looking bucks. I'm chasing one looking about 150's in the Laneville/Anadarko area at our lease.
  8. Crawfish queso and all you can eat catfish! That settles it, going to talk the wife into going tonight. Not to the game, just to HP
  9. Tenaha will make it a good one, but Mart will prove to be too much.
  10. Not sure LK has $100k saved up for that.
  11. I agree it makes you wonder what their athletic policy is on this type of thing. I do feel for his teammates though. There is still a chance the team faces UIL discipline for the actions of one player. They clinched a playoff birth last night. Talk about a bad teammate.
  12. Still waiting on the punch line to this joke.........
  13. I can't vote for anybody who calls themselves the Foxes. Gilmer wins.
  14. We live in Nacogdoches and go out of our way to go to Hushpuppies on a regular basis. It is one of the best places in ETX in my opinion.
  15. No was.....Timpson still has the worst baseball field around lol
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