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  1. This will be a fun one! I will take Waskom in a close game.
  2. I know there is a huge matchup going on across the county but don't sleep on this game! Big playoff implications here too! Give me the Dragons in a tight one.
  3. If Joaquin's offense can keep Timpson's off of the field they can win this game. Give me the Rams in a close one!
  4. So, the AD is maliciously convincing the schools best athletes not to play football? Is that the big conspiracy in the works over there in Diana? We would be good but that evil baseball coach is in cahoots with the parents of the best athletes so that his program and his alone can have success? Got it. I guess I just live in a fantasy world where the AD has all programs and the schools best interests in mind. Typically, the AD is the HFC because most of the staff also coach football and would report to that person anyway. So, although it is a natural fit doesn't necessarily have to happen. To imply that the AD's character should be in question because the football program is not having success right now is not fair. Maybe, just maybe, ND isn't very good right now because they are really young and have a new HFC? Maybe they made the baseball coach the AD because he has stuck around and are tired of all of the coaching and teaching turnaround that comes with the revolving door of AD/HFC coaches coming and going? But, what do I know? I'm just a "baseball guy" (your words not mine).
  5. Why is this a problem? There are other schools that the AD is not the HFC that have success in all sports. I am not trying to antagonize I am just genuinely curious. I am not very familiar with ND other than their recent baseball success.
  6. Garrison will be fine. Every program goes through a growth spurt every now and then. Plus you factor in new staff, different offense, etc. These things take time. The Dawgs will be back to normal soon.
  7. Biggest test to date so far for the Bears. Should answer the question: Are the Bears for real? I think so, Bears by 14+.
  8. This game has potential to be one of the best games in ETX this week. I will take the Dragons by less than 10 points.
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