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  1. They beat Quitman and 2A D2 Maud. I bet they do look great.
  2. Can't wait for next week when Reklaw travels to Ponta! Ponta barely scraped by a scrappy Sacul team last week.
  3. I'm not sure I'd call this a "battle". It is more like a "skirmish" or "altercation".
  4. I think the Bulldogs will play football for a long time this year........Garrison by 40+
  5. Hot off the presses! Douglass vs Harleton Game One: Thursday 7:00 PM Game Two: Friday 5:00 PM Game Three: following game two if necessary All Games at Mike Carter Field
  6. The Bulldogs are ROLLING right now! I could see any of the teams left in Region 3 winning the region. It is about to be a fun week of baseball!
  7. Baseball and softball field right next door! I don't think they even had a softball team this year.
  8. If it rains between now and then it'll be all mud
  9. Grapeland is putting turf down right now!
  10. Completely dirty and unnecessary. Coach and athletic department had better be ready to answer for this. I hope that the UIL steps in and does something. Deliberately hurting or attempting to cause harm to another CHILD and hiding behind a rule that is based on "interpretation" is BS.
  11. I don't think Tatum has an ace, I think they have two straight up dudes!
  12. Buddy of mine coached there a few years ago, I've heard it is a mess. I feel like they have jobs posted all the time.
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