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  1. 100% why. Also games start Wednesday and Thursday. So you play early in the week during Regional Finals so that your guys have same amount of rest they have been accustomed to over the last few weeks.
  2. He doesn't have a "guy". I know several people who have been contacted about interviewing. This thing is open.
  3. Don't count the Dawgs and LaFitte's voodoo magic out!
  4. The ragin' cajun has that voodoo magic son.
  5. Douglass vs Joaquin Thursday 05/12 7:00 Friday 05/13 7:00 Saturday 05/14 (if necessary) 12:00 Hudson High School
  6. Don't ever count LaFitte and company out!
  7. Crazy nice facilities. Gotta deal with crazy lake people though. IYKYK
  8. Coach May was a home run hire for the Dragons. Pun absolutely intended.
  9. Yes they can, but not by the UIL....... so no. Some athletic programs do require it. But it is not a UIL rule.
  10. Yeah I think you and I are on the same page lol
  11. Yeah I am sure Martins Mill basketball was a squeaky clean operation before Tyner and Jenkins came to town!
  12. What on Earth is taking so long?
  13. I think Edgewood gets second in District 9 as well. They have experience at QB and young skill guys who are talented. Big question is their line play on both sides. They are not big and lost lots experience on both sides. Could be a fun group to watch.
  14. They were a little banged up during tournament time. They are full strength now.
  15. Yeah lets agree to bring Stone back. Way easier to say and type.
  16. Who did they hire? I missed that announcement.
  17. According to section 33.0832 e of the Texas Education Code: A non-enrolled student may only participate in a league activity for the school in the school district that the student would be eligible to attend based on the student's residential address. A non-enrolled student who seeks to participate in a league activity on behalf of a school shall be required to establish minimum proof of residency acceptable to the district in the same manner as an applicant to attend a school in the district under Section 25.001. They can only compete in the district that they live in. IF that district allows them to. If they want to play and the district isn't taking any home schooled kids then they are SOL.
  18. Yeah I need this kind of hype man in my corner.
  19. Yeah I don't think the district felt like they had a choice. You don't make that move in January, especially if you already have trouble getting the program where it needs to be. No matter who they bring in, every day that there isn't a HFC is a day you are moving backwards.
  20. I Ponder if the guy I am thinking of would welcome going back to NE Texas.
  21. If you go four rounds and have the communities support and STILL get let go......something has to be up. Someone isn't telling the truth. * I have no Tenaha connections and would never question a coaches character regarding such events. Just stating that someone knows something and isn't saying anything. Somebody, somewhere did something or knows something. Not attacking anyone, just saying.
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