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  1. They score a ton of points......but give up a lot of points. I think there may be 90+ combined points scored. Could be a fun one.
  2. Yes Joaquin shut out CC in Joaquin in 18. Don't remember how many Jo scored.
  3. Imagine thinking the kids and adults supporting a tough game could be EVEN TOUGHER by playing in the rain! I SAY FOOTBALL SHOULD EXCLUSIVELY BE PLAYED IN THUNDERSTORMS AND RAIN! There, now I am the toughest guy!
  4. So coaches shouldn't try and put their programs in the best possible chance to be successful, both in current and future weeks, because old men on smoaky think that it makes them look soft, entitled, and weak? It is easy for us all to say what should and shouldn't happen from behind a keyboard. But the outcomes of the games do not effect us. They do affect them. They are the ones who have to answer questions about wins, losses, personnel, etc. They are the ones whose job security is determined by on the field success. They want their programs to have success. They aren't moving games because of the kids. THEY ARE MOVING GAMES FOR YOUR KIDS (grandkids, etc). They want them to be as successful as possible. Also it is kind of weird that you want them to run around in dresses.
  5. So we are just going to generalize and say that everyone who has moved their game is soft, entitled, etc. Got it.
  6. I bet some of you guys hate that leather helmets aren't around anymore.
  7. Extra day to prepare for playoff opponents (if it applies to you). Dry conditions, hate for an injury that could be avoided by playing early with better weather. It is only because it has been weeks 10 and 11. This stuff didn't happen weeks one and two. I get it if that is the reason.
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