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  1. I Ponder if the guy I am thinking of would welcome going back to NE Texas.
  2. If you go four rounds and have the communities support and STILL get let go......something has to be up. Someone isn't telling the truth. * I have no Tenaha connections and would never question a coaches character regarding such events. Just stating that someone knows something and isn't saying anything. Somebody, somewhere did something or knows something. Not attacking anyone, just saying.
  3. Comes down to two things: getting to coach and winning. This moves gives him a chance to do both.
  4. Horses but lose the first "s"
  5. My college coach one time told us: "Wins are a lot like ####. At the end of the night we will take an ugly one if we have to. "
  6. I love it. Give a guy with a fresh perspective a chance. Good luck EF.
  7. His source was close, but yours was way closer!
  8. Check back after the regional or state basketball tournament. I think this one is hush hush on purpose.
  9. Amen. I am not a HFC but I am a current coach here in ETX. Hard pill for some people who get their feelings hurt to swallow: we don't owe you sh*t. We should be able to put our family in the best possible situation, just like other community members should. A coach leaving doesn't always mean he hates his job and town.
  10. I get Grapeland asking for an appeal in their football district. Thought their placement was kind of odd. But why would Winona appeal their basketball district? Mineola, Harmony, Quitman are easy trips. MV, MPCH, and Winny are a little far but come on. Not just crazy.
  11. Ponder just took a job at North Forney. So cross him off the list.
  12. Good! That has been a mess it sounds like. Hope they get it right for the kids sake. EF always has potential to be good.
  13. Unless something happened. Not saying it did, I am agreeing with you. If that was the plan it happens in December, not February. Only way you fire someone now is if it absolutely needs to happen. Big question is: do they hire before EF?
  14. No one who is moving classifications is listed.......not an admin, just an observation. Must be related though.
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