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  1. Great hire for Henderson. Now everyone stand back and let him do his thing.
  2. That's why football hasn't been good in that town! Can't feed them boys right!
  3. An interview gives you an excuse to go! Don't even have to get the job!
  4. 100% the athletic period is our classroom!
  5. We will pull high school kids if they are in offseason. Never while they are currently participating in a season that is going on right then. We will pull JH kids whenever. They need to learn how to be student athletes! We also have a school district wide tutorial period built in before lunch and before school starts.
  6. No mercy rule, but make it mandatory that the clock run after fifty points.
  7. Wow that is a good job. They always have a chance to be good.
  8. They score a ton of points......but give up a lot of points. I think there may be 90+ combined points scored. Could be a fun one.
  9. Yes Joaquin shut out CC in Joaquin in 18. Don't remember how many Jo scored.
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