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  1. Newton. It will be close for a quarter maybe
  2. Carlisle will win big. This is as bad a Tenaha team as I have seen on the grid iron in a while and the Indians are legit.
  3. Joaquin will kick Grapeland's Sorry the way I typed it didn't come out like it did in my head. Not enough coffee in me I guess.
  4. Either that or you guys don't Sorry I had to. Just a joke.
  5. I never said basketball you did! But yeah Nac has lost several players to the Tigers in hoops. Not gossip. Facts.
  6. This thread is wild Coach you are a lunatic but I kind of dig it
  7. Nah they have moved their recruiting trail on down to Nac High. At least in the gym
  8. WR is the favorite in the district for sure......but don't sleep on Edgewood. Dudes are scoring some points! Might be dangerous.
  9. With teacher and coach shortage, he will keep getting jobs!
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