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  1. K.A.U.C Keep Alto Under Center! Put that on a shirt baby
  2. DECADES W-L-T P-C-S1915-19: (1-1-0) --------1920-29: (16-14-6) 0-0-01930-39: (68-34-5) 3-4-01940-49: (32-31-4) 2-2-01950-59: (70-30-5) 5-5-01960-69: (68-33-5) 3-3-01970-79: (83-28-4) 7-7-01980-89: (115-20-3) 8-7-21990-99: (95-29-2) 7-5-12000-09: (78-58-0) 4-3-02010-19: (60-50-0) 5-0-02020-29: (4-15-0) 0-0-0TOTAL: (690-343-34) 44-36-3 It is literally part of the website you are using. Have not had much success recently, we all know that. But we are talking historically..........
  3. 690-343-34 That is WAY above .500 Job has pedigree for sure.
  4. Hope they bring in an English teacher too.
  5. Is it ever a good idea to get back together with your ex? Not saying your comment and mine are connected..............just is it smart? Hypothetically?
  6. Well I guess it is time to aimlessly speculate about who is getting this job. Who is their guy? Also, let's reflect on how not even twelve months ago they "got their guy".
  7. Job is posted on their website. Also have some lunch lady openings
  8. In all seriousness.....what a mess man. Hopefully somebody "important" over there knows something that we don't. From the outside looking in it looks rough.
  9. Yeah EF has tons of coaches on their staff too lol that doesn't mean sh*t
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