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  1. So is EF back at square one? Clock is ticking to get it right. Hope you guys had some other solid options. Might be time to do this Sadie Hawkins style and ask the right boy to the dance instead of waiting on them to ask you
  2. If it goes the way I think it could, lot of moving parts around Shelby County schools.
  3. If you guys get this hire right then I agree. This 7th-Soph group you guys have right now have a chance to be special in football and basketball.
  4. Yeah that one was weird. Jo, Garrison, Timpson, Beckville, LK, Harleton, Tenaha (they were D1 then)
  5. Makes sense to me if Beckville goes south.
  6. Beckville, Joaquin, Shelbyville, Garrison, SA, West Sabine, Timpson Good luck everybody lol
  7. So, Harmony folks don't worry. You guys are staying under center .
  8. First HFC/AD hire that Tyner won't have a hand in for some time.........I am interested to see what happens with this one.
  9. Inheriting a schedule is not a thing. If the former coach has already scheduled games and you don't want to play them, then don't. Be a big boy and make a tough phone call and cancel the game. Make your own schedule. The incoming coach didn't commit to SH*T. If you want to honor commitments other people made then fine. But you don't have to.
  10. Nothing says "I love Tatum" like a War Eagle tramp stamp.
  11. I got ya. So we both agree that Atlanta sucks.
  12. Well Atlanta did not win a game last year........so that "giant" may require a little more beauty sleep.
  13. They are bad at football because their football team is full of bad football players. In all seriousness, why send your kids there when Bells, VA, Whitewright, Sherman are all down the road? Hard for them to compete with the opportunities presented just minutes away.
  14. Heard Ed O just wants to be paid in Red Bulls and blonde headed girls in their twenties. "Geaux Jackets" (read that in his voice)
  15. 100% If that is what you are hearing, then that is what I'm saying Don't see many guys like Kendre Miller (Mt. Enterprise then TCU) or Jeremy Patton (Tenaha to Baylor) walking around Harmony.
  16. Not shocked that they would be interested.......more shocked that he would be.
  17. Who on Earth would want this job? That being said, the name "Tom Bean Tomcats" is pretty cool. The sucking has no end in sight though.
  18. How good were their sub V and JH? They have been down right awful for two years........maybe the move to admin means that the drought may be pretty long? Just asking.
  19. Not just one game series, but one gamers on a Wednesday. UIL came down this year and flipping people to play on Wednesday is no longer allowed. Thursday-Saturday is fair game, unless the two teams agree to play on Wednesday. But, you can no longer flip someone to play before Thursday.
  20. I was just thinking something similar. The vibe on this thread is that people are split on the hire......... Good luck to the new AD/HFC. May need it.
  21. It's quiet......... A little too quiet......
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