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  1. Puts Timpson and Jo in good shape in week one of the playoffs, GTown and the 4th place team........not so much lol
  2. Overton and Mount are so close to being pretty good. Carlisle is way past "pretty good". Carlisle by 20+
  3. I say head coaches meet up and fight. Only fair.
  4. Cushing going to the second round would be a big deal! They have never won a playoff game! Third round may get Coach Moore a statue
  5. I think this is year two for this staff
  6. I think Tenaha hoco is usually on a Saturday, if I'm not mistaken. Can't speak for other schools.
  7. Leon and Groveton are bad, Normangee and WH are HORRIBLE. Corrigan and Centerville will play for all of the marbles on 11/4! Corrigan over Leon by 40+
  8. You are right, they were pretty good twenty years ago!
  9. West Rusk wins. GS over EWood was an upset. GS will get second because of that head to head matchup unless they trip up to someone they aren't supposed to.
  10. Call it a tie. Make it possibly count against both teams. Then neither team gains anything AND BOTH start their next game this week a little short handed because of all of the ejections. Then I feel like the punishment will fit the crime.
  11. So what about playing at a neutral site? Center? I'm sure neither wants to give up homefield advantage, but does that take some of the edge off?
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