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  1. This is going to be a decent game. I'm taking Mount in a close one.
  2. They don't have to provide stands at all........Ever been to Alba-Golden? It is sideline, barbed wire, cow pasture. People park their trucks there and smoke cigs and drink cold beers during the game. Learned a lot about myself during that JH football game.......lol it was like having someone ripping heaters and slamming beers on the sideline.
  3. Yeah parents get a pretty intimate view of what being on the sideline is like when you are at "The Pit". They are basically wearing a headset too Also even if it hasn't rained in weeks the field is always wet. It is a mess.
  4. I have no ties to either team. Just thought that this HUGE game needed its own thread! If Overton @ Cushing can have a thread this game can too! Huge playoff implications with this one! Who wins?!
  5. Newton. It will be close for a quarter maybe
  6. Carlisle will win big. This is as bad a Tenaha team as I have seen on the grid iron in a while and the Indians are legit.
  7. Joaquin will kick Grapeland's Sorry the way I typed it didn't come out like it did in my head. Not enough coffee in me I guess.
  8. Either that or you guys don't Sorry I had to. Just a joke.
  9. I never said basketball you did! But yeah Nac has lost several players to the Tigers in hoops. Not gossip. Facts.
  10. This thread is wild Coach you are a lunatic but I kind of dig it
  11. Nah they have moved their recruiting trail on down to Nac High. At least in the gym
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