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  1. WR is the favorite in the district for sure......but don't sleep on Edgewood. Dudes are scoring some points! Might be dangerous.
  2. With teacher and coach shortage, he will keep getting jobs!
  3. When two bad teams play a close game, is it a GOOD game? No, it isn't. Taking Cushing I guess
  4. Probably a fake job. I'd be shocked if he even has to go to work. His contract is probably up after this year and they don't want to buy him out. So, give him a "title" and pay him his salary not to come in.
  5. A couple of years ago Lone Oak had us dress in the elementary school! Made for a short halftime, long trot back to the field. What a dump!
  6. I'M CHANGING MY PICK GIMME ALTO Heard something interesting last night that has changed my perspective.
  7. Doesn't matter what your name is. You suck and you act like a head you get fired.
  8. Going to run out of score board bulbs!
  9. Overton Anderson-Shiro Hull Lovelady Cushing Corrigan Grapeland Centerville Garrison Anahuac Timpson West Sabine Oakwood Warren Apple Legacy Christian Chester Diboll WOS Woodville Franklin Livingston Lumberton Longview CHill
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