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  1. Any news on this one figure they would move quickly
  2. Anyone local near by that would be a good hire? Feel like someone with ties to Clarksville and that would be there to build the program back up would be good.
  3. With Farmer heading to LK who do you think will end up with this job?
  4. Wasn’t the current AD on his staff at one point? Would he want to teach and coach if the position requires it.
  5. Pats fan heard a rumor Paris OC is the guy. Confirm?
  6. Any word on this? Gotten very quiet.
  7. The favorites have to be the three teams that were in district together last year. Rivercrest, Honey Grove, and Wolfe City. Rivercrest went three rounds last year. Honey Grove went two rounds and Wolfe City lost in the first. Feel bad for Cooper they are in a tougher district dropping down.
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