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  1. That how I think about dr facci quack lol. Democrats telling us about science but can’t figure out biology ( gender), al gore still thinks the world going to warm up to kill us all, aoc well she ....
  2. Florida governor was probably the best leader that handled the China virus. I am not surprised that you’re not a fan because he used logic, right, understandable for his people. ( what your against)Meanwhile Michigan, California, New York have done the complete opposite and devastated their cities. It almost like you can’t say anything remotely nice and filled with hatred and stupidity.
  3. Gotta give him a chance . Henderson always competitive for the most part. I say give him a chance and he probably does wonders. I am not screaming state but playing in December isn’t stretching it.
  4. Absolutely not heck we had a black President since then and he won twice in a legitimate election .
  5. Only whites can be racist in fact can even be president.
  6. I agree real racist are the ones who think they are beneath them or been playing a particular race for years.
  7. Wearing masks wasn’t really prevented measures. I mean only if your sick and you shouldn’t be that close anyways. Thinking your saving people from dying by wearing a mask is ridiculous. Fear shouldn’t dictate our freedoms. We only wore them cause we were told you ( entered a place) or to make you feel better.
  8. I have a feeling he might be our next president if Trump doesn’t run.
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