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  1. Barry gets more ridiculous by the day. He either a complete idiot or lunatic. I am leaning towards both.
  2. Racism is disgusting and disgraceful either way. I couldn’t agree more with you.
  3. Racism knows no color. Being a racist shows how little lack of character and ridiculous one can be.
  4. Your insane. He is none of these . He is all about division. Heck he was for segregation in the 70s lol. Intelligence seriously???
  5. Denial is strong in this one^^ Stevie wonder can see this.
  6. It was a sham just like the election. Difference is you’re not man enough to admit it. Deep down you know it is true.
  7. You can’t deny him that. Just because your a leftist loon doesn’t mean the man doesn’t have superior intelligence. I mean you think Aoc is intelligent so I can see why you’re confused.
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