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  1. Be kinda hilarious if Sumlin got the gig . He was the Oc for 77-0 I believe. Note: I don’t remotely believe this will happen. Stoops leaves Kentucky lol.
  2. I believe Franklin could turn usc around .
  3. Me too . Would be an upgrade so there that! I figured Riley would move on to the NFL. Technically with Oklahoma moving to the sec this is a lateral step. Lsu can do better. I would go after Meyer . ( Pipe dream possibly).
  4. Dang always almost but 12 is pretty good. I mean the 13th placed team really can’t argue they’re deserving lol. I guess I could get behind you won your conference championship despite two losses but still that a reach.
  5. But does it really matter if you can beat inferior teams and lose against your similar competition. Yeah on one hand you’re not winless but end of the day you’re still crowning homecoming queens on every away game.
  6. The locals try not to call them Longview either.
  7. Hard to go against Ennis but rooting for RC. Soft schedule or legitimate top 10? Lions win
  8. Gotta put 2021 on the floor so we can walk in excellence.
  9. As the greatest this isn’t disputable.
  10. Bag won’t fix that. I rather root for Carthage
  11. I am the drinker and 77 barks a ton. Cc yells we are the greatest every minute so you can’t be upset with us.
  12. I don’t remotely believe that garbage. She wouldn’t have the backlash if she wasn’t . Heck she thinks she actually won the governor still lol.
  13. You are so hurtful sometimes. Bold move cotton
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