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  1. Still waiting on Dennis Alexander . Hopefully he gets the nod sooner than later. Would love seeing Henderson The late Mike baughman (Radio announcer) would be neat if possible. Mike Vallery from Kilgore should get some consideration as well.
  2. I said maybe. He isn’t exactly a splash hire. Don’t kid yourself. USC probably thinks he not good enough lol.
  3. Neither will leave for usc. Gus maybe but he just got there. USC will look for up and coming offense minded coach. I would take that chance unless you could poach at Franklin from Penn st or Iowa st coach. USC has lot of potential and opportunities.
  4. Seems good choice. Also jimbo ain’t going anywhere despite your delusions. That shipped has sailed before they hired coach O. USC has everything that you want and is not in shambles. Recruiting helps a ton. USC has no business being mediocre.
  5. Be hilarious if one of five were hired 1. urban Meyer 2. chip Kelly 3. lane kiffen 4. horns coach 5. coach O
  6. Ok I proved my point . You don’t like truth.
  7. Because your in denial. Look up the mission statement.
  8. They’re NBA players did you not watch last season?
  9. Most are and it is a hate group .
  10. Wokeness and BLM is something I am against . The NBA openly supports this. In fact most players that have shoe deals are using Muslims slaves labor and are against everything about America. BLM is a hate group no way of sugarcoating it. They ignore the obvious problems and point out problems that in reality isn’t there. It just best not to watch.
  11. In their sport yes. As an organization not so much. You can be in denial all you want sir.
  12. I don’t celebrate the BlMNBA there unashamed.
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