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  1. According to the roster of one of the playoff games, Pewitt had a lot of sophomores starting this year. That means they have two more years. Also, have heard that the numbers are good in lower grades. If the coach is indeed Coach Strickland, he will get the max out of them. He will have a program that develops young people. He will also be demanding. Which is good as well. Also, hearing rumor that Kumrow will have major role with Strickland. Rumor is that Strickland loves Kumrow as a person and coach.
  2. Coach Strickland is a great coach and man. I was told that someone put something on here about him. I have not been on this site in many, many years. I do not know if I have ever posted. However, I have known Strick for many years. If it is true that he is going to Paul Pewitt, then the Brahmas have got them one of the best men they could get to lead them. His football knowledge and background speak for themselves. The players and the coaches under him will love him. He is organized, dedicated, and will work hard to build a solid all-sports program. Ask the people of Henderson or Nash
  3. Baseball and softball could possibly do tournaments throughout the playoffs. District, Region, State. Double elimination for district. Single elimination for region.
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