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  1. Trump crapped on to many swappers sand box which is why they had to get rid of him
  2. I talked about Texit before, during and after Trump!
  3. The old saying is” there are lies, damn lies and statistics”
  4. Sneaky little problem is the US Constitution leaves it to the various States to set election law. The entire bill is unconstitutional
  5. They believe “the People” is the government!
  6. And heart attacks, emphysema, cancer, car wrecks and gunshots! If they tested positive for the China Flu that was listed as cause of death for more Federal money!
  7. Lurch and Sniffer know exactly what they are doing,,,, selling out to China for bucks!
  8. So indictment makes one guilty? C’mon you are better than that!
  9. Doubt many people actually watched it. Know I didn’t
  10. Durham stepped down in February. Either the story is incorrect or Durham didn’t step down
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