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  1. I disagree with the ruling. While eminent domain is needed in cases, the entity building the railway is private and should not be afforded eminent domain.
  2. But another reason is big cities have liberal leaders and District Attorneys who will not arrest or charge them. Even if they survive the streets in East Texas they would be looking at serious jail time.
  3. My grandmother said that aspirin was the best contraceptive. If a woman will keep and aspirin pressed between her knees she can’t get pregnant
  4. Just had to post again, noticed my post count was 666! now we are good
  5. Wouldn’t be real smart to start trouble in an area where nearly everyone is a gun owner. Local PD or SO could deputize a couple hundred well armed folks in a heartbeat be almost like target practice, just sayin’
  6. You are sick, you know that must be a faked post
  7. Just wondering out loud if the outside pressure and threats against the court might make the liberal justices sign in to the majority opinion?
  8. Actually for many years the horse and buggy people pulled the Model T out of trouble (muddy roads, breakdowns, etc)
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