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  1. These two have fallen from the 2012 Regional Final Matchup—one of the best playoff games I have ever seen. EF vs. Hughes Springs 2012
  2. 2008 (6-3) Jack Parker2009 (5-5) Jack Parker2010 (4-6) Eric King2011 (8-3) Eric King2012 (11-4) Eric King2013 (3-7) Scott Ford2014 (8-4) 400-314 Scott Ford2015 (4-6) 306-343 Scott Ford2016 (12-1) 564-214 Scott Ford2017 (7-4) 397-271 Scott Ford2018 (6-5) 393-303 Scott Ford2019 (7-5) 444-364 Scott Ford2020 (11-3) 486-129 Scott Ford2021 (9-3) 427-234 Scott Ford
  3. EF may be on its way to its worst season since 1976. Things are really, really down. The record that year was 2-8. Also, I don't remember a time when the EF/Waskom series was this lopsided. Keeling had Ford's number and it looks like Pearson will continue that for Waskom.
  4. The last time EF started 0-3 was? How about the last time EF started 0-4? I think in King's first year they went 1-3 to start out and I think in Ford's first year they went 0-3 but then won their next 3. I can't recall an EF team ever going 0-4 to start the season. Any help here?
  5. Morris is at Allen High School Tyner is the supt at Martin's Mill Castles is a possible candidate. Highly unlikely. Patton is the head coach at Kerens. Possible candidate Parker is the head principal at EF and a possible candidate to the be the next Supt. King is in administration in the Houston area I would guess it would be Castles or Patton. My money is on Patton.
  6. No way it's EF. I was under the impression that he was replaced as DC there after one year. I believe he went to Gilmer after that.
  7. The current supt is a large issue. Was fishing buddies with the key member of the school board for several years. That board member is now gone. It needs to happen. He has been there for too long.
  8. Heard Barbay's name as well. He can't get after kids like that at EF. Have heard both.
  9. Has to be a money move. Keeling has got to be near 50 and looking at 4-5 years left in education. Get those best 5 up. Would guess 100-110 a year.
  10. Ford lasted nearly a decade. Congrats, not many head coaches at EF can say that.
  11. There has been a huge shift of momentum in this rivalry over the last decade. What's the series in the last 10 years? Waskom 7 EF 4 I think that is right.
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