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  1. Frankston fans will be back to reality after this week
  2. This will be a good game to figure some stuff out before Kilgore i expect a 40-50 point win for the Hill
  3. Palestines record? whats record of those that they have beaten?
  4. Im thinking: Kaufman over Athens Whitehouse over Henderson Pine Tree over J'Ville Kilgore over Hallsville Gilmer over Lindale Walnut Grove over Palestine CH over Nac
  5. Lumberton should be a different team this week when they get a few players back.... Lumberton by 10+
  6. Van will always play with HEART but too much speed in this one CHill 21+
  7. CHill Brownsboro Henderson Lindale Carthage Palestine SSprings
  8. Game of adjustments and CHill seems to be doing something at halftime that others may want to try
  9. Agree Henderson will be improved greatly but still finishing 4th at best behind CHill, Lindale and Kilgore but 4th is an improvement
  10. Agree about NFHS glad to hear that someone else is having trouble watching i thought it was just me they should refund if they cant deliver
  11. with the right leadership this job could be decent they defiantly could battle for the 4th spot with Jville and Athens
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