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  1. I will be there pulling for Kilgore but this one could go either way, 2 great teams!
  2. Looks like i am breaking out the umbrellas sure was hoping for a Thursday game
  3. Not sure Jville can contain Lindales QB he is very quick and they use him well
  4. You may need to look into a new stopwatch cause looking at highlights the team speed was wearing BLUE
  5. One thing missing from the blueprint given and thats SPEED! Pal doesnt have the speed of CHill
  6. 4th place is wide open huge difference between 1,2 and 3 teams. The bottom teams are all very similar
  7. This is probably for the District Championship should be a good one between two well coached teams. My gut tells me Kilgore 31-28
  8. Dont sleep on Athens I have seen them live and they have the players just have to get out of their own way I still think Lindale by 10+ but Athens will be in the hunt with JVille for the 4th spot
  9. Kilgore D is way too strong for Jville to overcome Kilgore by 21+
  10. West Rusk but Arp will improve each week
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