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  1. Looking forward to this one Palestine must tighten up secondary to have a chance this Qb can eat you alive if you give him space and time to throw not sure if Palestine have anyone to match up with Lindales big receiver, speed wise yes but height and length no
  2. You the only one having 4-6 most were saying that the Qb receiver combo couldnt be stoped
  3. Kilgore by 20 not drinkin the Hendo Kool-Aid to much hype and no results
  4. Closer than you might think......Carthege by 35
  5. Hendo D-line should force Palestine to throw and Palestines inability to throw the ball will cost them. That being said Hendo by 17
  6. Lindale fundamentals will equalize CHills speed
  7. Agree district will come down to CHill and Kilgore game
  8. Van plays gimmick offences very well just look what they did to Palestine. Especially if you have zero passing threat.
  9. more than 10 Livingston is WAY down
  10. Jville will match up with Hendo better than playing against wing T of last week I say Jville gets first W
  11. Van is fundamentally sound and will get the W
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