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  1. 33 TD's and over 3500 yards passing at UNT last season. Best of luck to him! Hope he makes it.
  2. Chase Adams new HC at Pilot Point.
  3. Episodes 4-7 are on YouTube now.
  4. Probably Ewers on one side & Manning on the other.
  5. This popped up on my YouTube feed, 3 episodes.so far.
  6. 9-22 at S&S. But I can count on one hand the number of coaches that have had success there.
  7. This was Peacocks first year as head coach. Lots of tradition at PP. Should be a place where a coach could be successful.
  8. 6A! Not good for Sherman. Best of luck to who ever gets this job.
  9. What’s going on in Sherman?
  10. Best of luck to him.
  11. Lubbock Coronado OC is interviewing.
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