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  1. surprised there's no talk about this game, both teams come in at 6-1. Celina has played a much tougher schedule. VA's lone loss was to Anna. I'm picking Celina by at least 3 TD's.
  2. reports from this morning are that he broke his tibia and fibula, out for the rest of the season.
  3. This game will end as usual: Leonard comes in with a good record, thinking they have a chance to beat Gunter but will leave on the wrong end of a blowout. Gunter by 30.
  4. Got word this morning that former Celina, Maypearl, Pilot Point, and Prosper head coach Jerry Jones passed away. Has been living in Aledo the past several years. Coached over 25 seasons with a record of 206-77-7.
  5. Bells is 2nd best team in the district but still no match for the Tigers. Gunter by 21.
  6. Gunter wins 56-0. 49-0 at half & running clock 3rd & 4th quarters.
  7. Gunter won 31-14 last year but game seemed a lot closer than that. Don’t expect it to be that close this year. Gunter wins by 4 touchdowns minimum.
  8. Gunter 59 PP 6 final. Game was never in doubt. Only Bearcat score came on interception and run back for TD in 1st quarter.
  9. Appeared that Bill just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.
  10. would like to see Celina take this one but I think Argyle just has too much firepower. Argyle by 14.
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