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  1. Tyrone has been working at Enterprise Rent a Car in Sherman. Must have got hired at TB.
  2. Just read that game 2 & 3 (if needed)between Gunter & Pottsboro have been moved to Prosper.
  3. Good point. Gunter may score 100 on them.
  4. UIL approved his brother but not him...wow! If I'm Grant, I'm not going back to Sherman.
  5. https://www.kxii.com/2022/04/08/tom-bean-breaks-ground-new-indoor-facility/
  6. Tom Bean announced today that they're building an indoor practice facility. Big things happening in Beantown!
  7. KXII out of Sherman/Denison just reported that Fletcher is headed to HG.
  8. Grant may end up playing defense only. The Dodd kid or Hellman may be good enough to run that Gunter offense.
  9. anyone seen a 2022 Celina schedule? @d0tc0m
  10. Looking forward to that Gunter-Brock game!
  11. Does Buddy Hanson have any kids?
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