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  1. Holliday hires Kyle Atwood, former Alice HC.
  2. She said that they did 23 sets of 16 pushups (total 368) in an hour. If one person messed up, they had to start over. Her son was one that fell due to the broken hand & made the whole group start over again.
  3. How do they come up with those attendance figures? With 3 games a day, there's a lot of overlap.
  4. Great game Gunter. Congrats to Poth for making it to the champion game.
  5. Should be a classic! I'm picking Gunter by 12.
  6. Heard something about a Christmas tree lighting at the Star tomorrow night. Traffic may be heavy & parking limited. May want to get there early if going to the game. https://www.thestarinfrisco.com/calendar/cowboys-christmas-extravaganza-14/
  7. Great game! Congrats to Anna.
  8. https://www.guntertexas.com/2020/08/28/broadcast/
  9. Heard this morning that an Argyle assistant coach died after their game with Rider last week. @regaleaglehave you any info on this?
  10. Celina had a late fumble that ultimately led to that Anna win last time. I think Celina will win the rematch. Should be a good one!
  11. Anna- Celina next Friday in Allen.
  12. Gunter's hamburger hut is pretty hard to beat but their actual concession stand is just the ordinary stuff.
  13. watched that play this morning, Whitesboro was robbed.
  14. Howe has a pretty good QB but not enough help to stay with Gunter. Gunter by 30.
  15. Bells is good but Gunter is on another level. Gunter by 17 points.
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