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  1. 18 hours ago, ObiOne said:

    TB hired McKinney Boyd's D coordinator first then got their head coach a little later in the spring.


    Tyrone Swoopes posted a picture on Instagram of himself walking into the TB stadium the other day wearing a TB hat saying something about the rivalry just got real interesting.  

    Will be curious to see how it goes.


    Tyrone has been working at Enterprise Rent a Car in Sherman. Must have got hired at TB.

  2. On 3/20/2022 at 5:58 PM, GraysonFan said:

    Are you sure Fletcher is going to Honey Grove?  Has that been confirmed anywhere, because several posts on FB seem to suggest that was just a rumor someone started.

    KXII out of Sherman/Denison just reported that Fletcher is headed to HG.

  3. 5 hours ago, RKS21 said:

    Needs to recruit Bells, Whitewright and Ketuckytown plus get a few more move-ins from Sherman. Maybe there's a few more Stroupe's around  

    Does Buddy Hanson have any kids?

  4. 23 hours ago, StingEmALTO said:

    That is so cool about the David Barron article. I’ll have to dig around and see if I can find it!

    I have the game film! My mom was the team videographer at that time (my brother was a junior and the starting center with Brian Gamble at QB!) and so we have all the film (Refugio game the week before too! I’ve rewatched that one! Lol). AND believe it or not I never watched the Celina state game film. The biggest memory I have from that game is the sheer agony of defeat with my brother face down on the star devastated after the 4 point loss……when we could have so easily been on the winning side (3 days before Christmas to boot!). It was an awesome, exciting game for sure. BUT DANG. Heartbreaking.

    Fun side story: So my dad and the booster club had had “STATE CHAMPS 1995” caps made to hand out after the game….yep I know. Bit them in the butt. FAST FORWARD to 2006….my dad had kept a few of those caps and taken the “1995” stitching off of them. When we WON that state championship game in 2006 he pulled that cap out and PROUDLY put it on his head!!! WE WERE STATE CHAMPS and even if it wasn’t his son who was on the team, we couldn’t have been more proud! It was a RELIEF! And a memory I’ll never forget. It was VERY COOL to win the next year and go back to back. Just wish we had a play or two back at that Celina game….it was a battle for the ages!

    I think when I’m at my mom’s at Christmas I’ll get that old VHS out and watch it. Might sting still but surely not as much. Lol

    Brian Gamble and Fred Hackney vs Gary Don Moore and Jarrod Martin, what a game that was!

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