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  1. Gunter wins 7-3. Game 3 Saturday at Community.
  2. Strong program, should be a lot of interest in this job. Gunter traditionally hires from within though.
  3. Job posted: https://www.gunterisd.org/Page/415
  4. Late ‘70s with Lonell Phea & Mitchell Bennett.
  5. Kyle Dezern HFC takes over AD duties as well.
  6. Not the sleepy little farm town anymore. Average house price in Gunter is over $400,000. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-search/Gunter_TX/overview
  7. Sherman makes hire: https://www.kxii.com/2021/05/04/sherman-hires-cory-cain-as-head-football-coach/
  8. Yeah. Has Celina ties also. https://247sports.com/player/maguire-martin-46114296/
  9. Plano Prestonwood QB just happens to live in Argyle school district.
  10. Someone already on staff?? OC Derek Thompson is young but has a good football mind.
  11. other than Bearcat Stadium, Sherman has all new facilities.
  12. JD Martinez leaves Sherman for HC/AD job at Bridgeport.
  13. Don't know anything about Edgewood but location alone should make this a good job.
  14. Tomcats looking for new head coach as Zach Wood resigns.
  15. How are the facilities at Blue Ridge?
  16. so what's the story? I'm from that general area and have never heard that.
  17. South Grand Prairie coach Brent Whitson as new HC/AD.
  18. Read reports that CJ's offer was a PWO at Baylor. Do you know if that's correct?
  19. https://www.kxii.com/2021/02/01/rogers-officially-hired-at-tioga/
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