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  1. Is El Campo a good job? Don't know anything about them. Seemed like Worrell had a pretty good gig at Brock.
  2. 100.7 in DfW area usually does SLC games.
  3. Briles resigned at the end of the season.
  4. Hate to hear this. That '95 team was fun to watch. RIP Gary Don.
  5. Graham kicks game winning field goal with 15 seconds left, win 23-21. Great game by both teams.
  6. Congrats to Paris for making it this far but Argyle wins this game going away.
  7. 4 common opponents between these 2: Vernon, Iowa Park, Van Alstyne, and Aubrey. Only difference is Celina lost to Aubrey while Graham beat Aubrey. Celina's other 3 losses are to Argyle, Paris, and Melissa. I don't think Graham in on that level. Celina seems to have found their groove in the playoffs. I'm picking the Bobcats by a TD.
  8. this should be a good one. Gunter wins by 14.
  9. the Marks kid is pretty impressive but he can't do it by himself. Gunter wins by 28.
  10. was listening to the game on the radio. I think it was the NG that disrupted the snap and recovered the fumble. Aubrey scored a couple of plays later.
  11. Eastland rolling, 49-15 with 6 minutes left to play.
  12. Never thought I'd see Pottsboro getting spanked like this.
  13. both played and lost to Holliday. Bells lost by 13, Eastland lost by 1. Taking Eastland by a TD.
  14. looks like a good prediction. Leonard wins 26-20.
  15. Leonard ahead 14-7 in 2nd quarter.
  16. common opponent: Gunter 48 Van Alstyne 7 Celina 40 Van Alstyne 9
  17. I think Gunter flexes their muscles this game & show Bells who is the boss of the district. Gunter by at least 21.
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