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  1. I'll take Pottsboro at home in this one.
  2. looks like Celina may be 0-2 going into the Argyle game.
  3. Melissa 32-20, late in 4th quarter.
  4. watched Decatur last week in scrimmage against Celina. Based on that, I think Argyle wins this game easily.
  5. I'll pick Celina in a close one. Should be a good opening game.
  6. Defense looked really good, very quick. Huge OL. Davenport the QB I thought looked pretty good. Main target was the 6'7" kid DJ Dell'Ano. They hooked up on a 40 plus & 50 plus yard TD's during the live quarter. Running game was almost non existant but that may have been on purpose. Bill maybe wanted to work on the passing game during the scrimmage. Melissa next Friday should be a good test for the Bobcats.
  7. Celina 21 Decatur 7 live quarter.
  8. just going by what's reported in DCTF.
  9. don't think that would scare the Tigers. They're scrimmaging Melissa (971) this season.
  10. why do Gunter & Celina never play? Their stadiums are about 7 miles apart now.
  11. is the game in Gunter or Van Alstyne?
  12. This! A war most years and either stadium was standing room only. All the back and forth of coaches and even a few players to each town make this rivalry more intense.
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