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  1. Just a little footnote regal......Paris won the 4a state title that year.
  2. Excellent takes regal. I think that some people look at Paris and because they don’t run the “shiny, pretty offense” they don’t think they are that good. It was amazing how many people thought MH would roll over them. Even after Paris beat them earlier this year. Paris is not flashy, but they are a tough, hard nosed team and very physical.
  3. I just saw on maxpreps that Argyle, Melissa , and Paris are ranked 1,2,3 in class 4a d1. Now I know it’s maxpreps but it shows you how crazy good this district was. And 1 more thing, what has Melissa done this year to make people think they are so much better than Paris? Just curious.
  4. So Paris beats MH, 28-14, at MH but is ranked behind them. Makes sense.
  5. I I saw the game. Tulsa Metro Christian was a pretty good team. They had as many players on the sidelines as Paris did and they had good size. They are not what you would think of as a 2a Texas team. They are a private school (ie recruiting). They get to compete in the public school districts though. I would compare them to a Faith Family in basketball here in Texas. In other words, they get to recruit players and play in a smaller classification With public schools. They dominated that classification in Oklahoma last year and will probably win it again.
  6. This has happened to me also. I have gotten around it by googling smoakhouse forums high school. It then takes me straight to the high school forums and I can navigate to page 2, etc. When I go to smoaky.com and click high school forums I can’t navigate to page 2,etc
  7. Paris originally had Arkansas High on the schedule, but something came about with that game. Paris was trying to find someone to replace that game and Metro Christian came calling.
  8. Anyone have any thoughts on this game? I don’t know anything on Metro Christian except they won the Oklahoma 2a state championship last year and went 15-0. They are ranked #8 in the Oklahoma pre season poll. If anyone knows anything about Oklahoma football let us know.
  9. Paris 2 - Henderson 0 controlled portion Paris 30 - Henderson 14 Live half
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