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  1. Thats fair. They had a rough 4 years in region 3. That district was tough but even in down years they played games close against teams that had far superior athletes. Im just saying this game will be alot closer than some posters think.
  2. PLC lost a bit but the QB got reps as a sophomore and the FB has been a 4 year starter. Basically the 2 most important positions to make triple option go. I just cant see why most posters think Calhoun is a pushover. Calhoun and Calallen will be the most physical teams LV plays this year and it seems posters are brushing them off. I look forward to this game as a measuring stick for calhoun but i expect LV to win late.
  3. No PL has had moderate success since 08. Has been a major player in region 4 in 5a since 08. Only 1 state semis appearence but has beat some really good teams. When they moved to region 3 they had a couple down years mainly due to lack of of QBs but always were competitive.
  4. Hello everyone first post. I see alot of posters talking about Calhouns offense. I believe you will have to wait untill playoffs to actually see the triple option. Id expect Calhoun to run mostly I form with no actual "reads." There is a reason Calhoun runs the offense it does and its to slow down more athletic teams. They have played games against more athletic teams than La Vega while showing up with worse teams than this years and kept games close and won them. With that being said i fully believe La Vega is worthy of its #1 ranking and a very stout team! My guess is LV 35 Calhoun 28
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