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  1. Hopefully the new blood will change. The old school people that have lived here for decades vote no without even reading the bond. they would be fine with them play basketball with a hoop in the parking lot. we did get one bond passed in 2017 after the one in 2014 failed.
  2. You said we stopped taking transfers. We did not. The same policy has been in effect. The supt and board has always had to approve a transfer. many many transfers going to Diana that don’t play any sport like my nephew and niece. They live north of Gilmer. Parents work in Longview. We not happy with the academics in Gilmer, so they transfered them to Diana. Drop them off right on the way to work each day. Bus drops them off at their grandparents house in the afternoon.
  3. They tried with amother bond measure, but voters turned it down
  4. New Diana ISD Plan of Innovation Effective February 15, 2022-February 15, 2027 INTER-DISTRICT TRANFERS (Texas Education Code 25.036) Manner in which the statute inhibits the plan Under Texas Education Code 25.001, a district may choose to accept, as transfers, students who are not entitled to enroll in the district. Under TEC 25.036, a transfer is interpreted to be for a period of one school year. New Diana ISD maintains a transfer policy under FDA (Local) requiring nonresident students wishing to transfer to file a transfer application each school year. In approving transfer requests, the availability of space and instructional staff, the student’s disciplinary history records and attendance records are also evaluated by the Superintendent or designee. Transfer students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the District. The District is seeking to eliminate the provision of a one-year commitment in accepting transfer applicants. On rare occasions, student behavior warrants suspension (in or out of school), placement in a disciplinary alternative program, or expulsion. In addition, student attendance may fall below the TEA truancy standard. In these rare occasions, New Diana ISD seeks exemption from the one year transfer commitment.
  5. We will be pushing 4A D2 in 6 years. The construction and home building is insane in the district. On my road alone, 2 new subdivisions alone, one with 3 homes, the other with 25. A line of people waiting to buy them. across 154 they are clearing another spot for I am told 25-40 homes.
  6. Yep, it's the boogie man argument against Transfers..
  7. Was told the now "acting" Supt is in charge of the AD/HFC hire. Said she was a 3rd grade teacher just 3 years ago. Has never hired ANYONE, much less this kind of hire. Just WOW is all I can say..lol
  8. How was board meeting last night in EF. Was told the same old same with people not wanting transfers. Same scare tactics that it will bring property values down and bring crime and the “wrong” kind of kids to the district. Best thing we ever did in Diana to keep this School dist from dying and consolidating with Ore City. Property values thru the roof. Homes sell as fast as they are listed and subdivisions being built right and left. No additional issues with discipline or with the “wrong” people transferring in. The family pays the transer fee and the state throws in their fees. Has worked out great. Many others districts I deal with feel the same. I guess EF knows something every other district in East Texas doesn’t about transfers. Any word on Supt or AD/HFC? person I talked to said the board went into executive session and they left.
  9. EF non dist schedule is Shelbyville, Beckville, Atlanta and DeKalb(not sure the order), retiring HC did a great job getting this schedule for the kids and future coach to have some early success
  10. speaking of TQ, I saw where he transferred to SMU and they moved him to Safety.. Big kid for Safety. Great to see East Texas kids in college.. https://smumustangs.com/sports/football/roster/t-q-jackson/12315
  11. It's up to each team's coaches to enter stats into MaxPreps , tackles, yards, etc. A fan can email and become a scorer for a game, but that just does in game updates. Most coaches are not worried about the stats, just W's & L's, the reason most team's pages on there do not have accurate/updated rosters or stats
  12. Hopefully we can keep Harrell around for a few more years ( big wish as we have proven we have a ton of, lets just say, busy bodies in the community) I am not saying he is Tom Landry, but at some point the program has to have some stability. Let him and the program grow together. IMO it's the only way to win at a place like Diana. Good numbers at the middle school level and need a familiar face to be there when they make that jump to HS, or we will have what has happened in the past. Tons will go to baseball, many will quit and the better players that can make it at Gilmer will go there.
  13. Funny. I am not saying EF was state title contenders that game, but were up 41-0 with 8 min left in the 2nd qt and Winona started a running clock. EF had their best player not playing, sat 3 other starters with lil injuries after the 2nd possession and played backups the rest of the way from the 8 min mark in the 2nd. Winona had negative yards at halftime, EF had 3 INT's and 3 sacks in the half. Then I left. I wish we could be that non impressive, every..lol
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