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  1. As someone who does a ton of business with Marshall people, nothing could be farther from the truth.
  2. #20 will be the QB next year. The last thing people ever have to worry about om a Scott Ford coached team is the QB. They are groomed from 7th grade. If you every go watch a team he has coached in middle school, they coach the passing game and throw more that you see the high majorty of schools throw. At EF He has had the Hughes kid who was the freshman of the year in the district, then when he was injured the Storey kid thru for 2000+ yards the next year, then 2000+ yards as a SR when Hughes moved to Waskom that year. Hughes moved back for his Sr year and broke all EF school records wi
  3. In that game reporters from the Marshall paper, sideline to sideline and 2 Shreveport TV stations were all there and did their own stats. I dont have and dog in the fight, but EF moved the ball all night. They didnt punch it in a couple of times, but they sure had a ton yards. I would put money that had well over 300 yards in the first half alone, with there 28 first half points. Add the refs blu the TD call late in the 4th when 10 scored and the Ref called it incomplete. Saw the replay 10 times and it was a clear TD. But really didn’t end up costing EF.
  4. No luck on this game? Its like the holy grail. Can’t find it anywhere. lol
  5. So we think this might not be accurate;)
  6. Ryder Gibson Pewitt High SchoolOmahaTX #257'9"453 lbsDE, DE, DE SophomoreGraduates in 2023
  7. I was wanting to watch the Gunter vs Pewitt state title game from last year. Couldn’t find it anywhere or on YouTube. Just some clips. anyone have a link of know where i can watch the complete game?
  8. I guess if Nac would pull a huge upset of Texas High that would clinch the 4th spot?
  9. EF is home from my friends in a Gladewater
  10. They already forfeited that game vs Marshall
  11. Too many covid protocols have to be done to do that. From what i was told. Washing the entire bleachers between the two games was mentioned and the coaches just said forget it and didn’t even want to waste any more time to even explore that.
  12. Hearing Friday at 7:30 in a Gladewater
  13. Both did a great job. Hooks really didn’t have much of a game plan on offense. They just counted on the QB to scramble around and make a play and then try to go deep every 3rd or 4th play. They tried to run a few plays to the rb #7. But not near enough in my opinion. I would have had some stuff drawn uo to take advantage of that qbs athleticism. Zone read, screen game, option. Just very uncreative in my opinion. the offensive staff made some great adjustments I thought at half. The OL got some movement that they were not getting a ton of in the first half. Hooks defense
  14. That chaged the game. Daingerfield scored to go up 2 tds. Called back on penalty. Then Daingerfield qb goes out. Next play backup throws int. Then Waskom scores.
  15. Its turf. Go to YouTube Atlanta rabbitd and that channel has a bunch of videos of this season in that stadium. Also on Facebook they have a page Atlanta Rabbit Stadium that has some photos on it
  16. Visitors side looks about as small as EFs
  17. Atlanta has a youtube channel with their games on it. You can get a pretty good look at the stadium. For some reason I can get the link to copy and paste
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