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  1. And the 200 meters. Didn't lose in either race all year.
  2. SOC is the only DISD school that's winning. I think DISD schools would be better if most of their kids were not being recruited. Most of their kids end up at the good suburban programs
  3. Had an excited 3 and a half drive from Northwest Ft Worth and disappointing one back. There's no way that was the same Jefferson squad that I saw beat Tatum on their home court last Fri. Worst beat down they've taking all year. Tatum just made all the plays tonight. We are losing one senior. We are a young squad. Had 3 players return from last yr and one of them (the 6'5 kid) qquit.Good luck in the playoffs
  4. By the way, we are only losing 1 senior. We had 2 but our 6'4-6'5 kid that was the starting post quit after about 10 games
  5. Yea, that's crazy. We've been basketball district mates for the last 8 yrs or so
  6. That freshman point guard for Jefferson is special. He scored all 12-13 pts in the 3rd to keep it somewhat close. If Jefferson had the knockdown shooters that Tatum has, that freshman PG would average 10 or more assist a game
  7. I was there. Made the 3 hour and 30 min drive and glad I did. Looked as if there was more Jefferson fans there than Tatum. I believe this is Jefferson's first W in Tatum. Also, I'm sure it's been years since Tatum dropped at district game at home.
  8. Smh, please excuse the multiple post. I'm trying to get back in the swing things.
  9. I believe 7-0 is about right from my memory. Mid 90's we lost there 14-13 and at home 37-14. You guys went 2-0 in district, beat us in the playoffs, and twice a few years ago.
  10. So Honey Grove gave up a total of 73 pts in 12 games. Surely they won't give up more than that in the 3rd round of the playoffs in 1 game
  11. Daingerfield has athletes all over the place. After that loss to Harmony, I honestly thought undefeated Hooks would win. Daingerfield making Hooks look like an average team. Hooks still has time, but they have to get this D-field offense off the field
  12. Almost a replica of the Jefferson game. Preciate it
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