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  1. First time I've seen you guys play, my goodness! May have to come when you guys play those Zebras
  2. Chill out? I just replied to what you said. I'm not the one that called you a moron
  3. Why do you think the Jefferson team came in thinking they had already won? There's not 1 thing written or said by the Jefferson football team that had them "thinking" they had already won the game. That sounds like your opinion. I could understand if you said some of the fans were thinking that. Fans can think or say what they want, won't effect the game.
  4. That was just kid talking. I'm sure several have said that
  5. They took it to us with the pound and ground. I was also impressed with the other big kid #23
  6. Lol, sure. You may be using several times. That's exactly what happened. We fumbled 7 times. Mineola ran the ball 50+ times and fumbled once. We just got our rear ends kicked
  7. Not at all. Offense picked the wrong week not to show up.
  8. My Jefferson Bulldogs fell to Pendergrass and the Mineola yellowjackets unfortunately
  9. Mart 58 LK 0 This was the score after 1 quarter. There's no way. Can someone verify this
  10. Offense fumbles 7 times! They did nothing to help the defense. Pendergrass had 36 carries for 214 yards. I'll take that defensively with that big ole kid running. Hell Minny never punted. They went for it on 4th down everytime. Game changer....Dawgs hold Minny inside the 10 yard line. It's 17-13 with 5 mins left in the 3rd. 1st snap we fumble (shocker) and they recover it at the 5. Takes 2 snaps and it's 24-13 and ball game
  11. I'm sick to my stomach watching this game in this cold rain. Offense was pathetic. Not one big play and fumble after fumble. Defense was left on field the whole game. Mineola just slowly marched the ball down field. Mineola ran 3 times the plays we did.
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