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  1. We fell hard and fast. I'm just shocked by the last 4 games. Has to be the worst 4 game stretch I could think of.
  2. I would love to see Jefferson squeeze in the playoffs but after the dismantling by NB, I can't see them beating ATL. If ATL can run the ball, they'll win. If they can't, I think Jefferson finds a way in
  3. Yea I was told by a coach before the season started that the pickings were very slim. No size or depth
  4. New Boston basically doing what they want. This had to be one of the most disappointing Jefferson squads I've seen in a long time. I've lived in Tarrant County for 20 yrs. This is probably the 1st time I want drive 3 and half hrs to see my Dawgs play.
  5. One snap for a Tatum td. 23-7 Tatum. If Jefferson's offense is still in Marion County, the blowout is probably on
  6. That's why I said that. It should be 28-0. We have a measly 37 yards of offense to Tatum's 250-ish. Absolutely ridiculous
  7. Nice answer by Tatum. 16-7 Tatum leading at the half
  8. Thank you Tatum! Touchdown Jefferson! 9-7 Tatum leading late in the 2nd
  9. Come on offense wake up! Tatum is literally keeping you in the game
  10. 9-0 Tatum in the 2nd. Jefferson offense has been nonexistent. This is sad to listen to
  11. I tried but that money was frozen to my hands and I was busy hurrying up and chugging that hot chocolate down lol
  12. I knew I heard that name before but I was thinking east tx. By the way, I was there at that game. About 25 degrees at kickoff with a windchill about 17-18 degrees down in Corsicana. And that was an instant classic. If I was a Tatum player in that game, I probably would never forget or let that game go. By the way, got a real good burger from one of the Tatum people cooking that night
  13. Where have I seen that name Redwine? Sounds like an ex-player by that last name
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