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  1. I had to mess with ya a little! Lol
  2. I thought the same lol. Were they playing moss hill or seven oaks?
  3. Thanks, I saw what was posted earlier and knew it was bogus but didn’t bite on his comment.
  4. Brayden didn’t wave from the field at players on the sideline to come give him a breather after 3 plays. JS….
  5. LOL. I just don’t have the strength yet to deal with you and your shenanigans!!
  6. …you know it’s gonna be a good season when we in the early stages of smack talk 3-4 weeks out
  7. There will be some great talent on the field for that game. Can’t wait!
  8. Lol. We return all skill positions minus one. Time will tell on our O and D line….I’ll get back with you soon on that.
  9. They could possible be hurt worse after the game
  10. We will see soon enough…should be a heckuva game regardless of who wins this early season game.
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