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  1. That’s great! BUT, this will affect y’all’s ability to wet the field down for certain games…LOL!!
  2. Nice! I’m already looking forward to our rematch.
  3. You da man! I expect #3 for Timpson to have another outstanding year…sounds like he had a great coach growing up
  4. Chest pounder…congrats. Your I’m East Texas through and through comment is BS! You’re the one riding coat tails! Enjoy the ride, I see where you get your name from now. Bear9T1 over and out.
  5. Trolls and morons are out in full force at the moment.
  6. Whatever man. We gave them all they wanted. Go back to your Damn hole you troll
  7. Maybe not that high , I’ll holla at cha
  8. Not pushing, that’s region 4’s gig.
  9. Y’all (Region 4) can’t stand that everyone’s not bowing down to you this year. Sure, I know the history but geez how y’all gonna act if you get dethroned…I hope there’s lots of good therapists in the area
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