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  1. Bears roll. Shiner will be tough but the Bears defense is about to make a statement for all the doubters out there.
  2. He will get wore slap out Thursday night regardless of the score at the end of the game
  3. Bigger they are the harder they fall!! lol
  4. I know, we gotta play the game...can’t just roll over and give it away because it’s region 4.
  5. Yeah yeah yeah...heard that all year long. Lol
  6. They had some bonehead moments against Refugio so they aren’t all that well disciplined. Still solid but for sure beatable.
  7. I’m not feeling a blowout lol I’m thinking it will be a lower scoring game 21-14 type game...
  8. Ok, I hear ya, but Timpson is loaded as well. Shiner will have more experience for sure but they will have their hands full with Timpson. I see a close game here..
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