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  1. Coach G staying in T town
  2. His cousin Garner will be back along with several other play makers. It will be a solid gig for some lucky guy. I have a hunch or hope I should say that it’s someone already on staff that could handle the job and do it well. We shall see…
  3. Benjamin Westbrook Mart Timpson Gunter Franklin Gilmer Chapel Hill PNG Aledo DeSoto Duncanville
  4. Ganado is just better on offense IMO…that doesn’t mean Tolar is bad. I don’t think Tolar’s QB is on the same level…we will see soon enough. If I need to eat crow so be it, done it before
  5. You call it how you see and I’ll call it how I see it….. I watched multiple Tolar games today and came to the same conclusion…
  6. Tolar’s defense moves to the ball well no doubt…Marlin was unimpressive to me in that particular game. If our defense can stop #40 up the middle, I like our chances for the W. Especially if we get them down a few scores early on. Should be another battle!
  7. I won’t argue about the bigger part, the rest I’ll have to see more than them vs Stratford to get the faster part…just don’t see it so far. I do believe their defense is legit and playing solid ball.
  8. It’s just a difference of opinions. I think Ganado would donkey stomp Tolar. Tolar QB is not even in the same league as kid from Ganado…run game and passing for sure. I‘m not discounting Tolar they are a very solid team.
  9. Not from what I’ve seen. I’m not saying they’re not athletic but they lack speed 100%.
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