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  1. Clean sweep for New Diana tonight over Elysian Fields
  2. Doubtful...I just found out about the app last year...not that I need to explain anything to you. I don’t really run my mouth much on here...I leave that to you “professional” smoaky guys. Keep on showing your true tenny haw colors though
  3. Old news...want some this year??
  4. He’s a spoon and is also from tenny haw haw...which is self explanatory....
  5. Where’s all the SA posters? The wolf is the only one sticking around...bunch of other clowns in silence mode.
  6. @BabyDaddy what happened to Y’all’s move ins from Cali? What number are you? You didn’t show up while the boys were on the field....just a hunch Garrison has some great talent in the back field and on defense too. Maybe y’all can put things together and make a little run.
  7. I haven’t seen SA play this year but have seen the scores afterwards. Hoping for a good game but I’m thinking the bears will pull away early.
  8. Can the Bears keep their winning streak going? Imma say FO SHO!!
  9. Hats off to Garrisons defense...they had Courtney’s number! Just to many other weapons to cover
  10. 38-0 Timpson 9:23 left in 4th
  11. Ummmm...this game is to close. HS that good or is Waskom having an off night??
  12. 24-0 tImpson ... 2:03 left in 2nd
  13. Garrison hasn’t been across the 50 yet on offense
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