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  1. Wow! 42-20….. I like the way you’re thinking TB! I just hope we are firing on all cylinders again this week. I think our defense had finally found their groove!!
  2. Yeah, their misdirection is really good. Yeah, Lindale is a haul from CC!
  3. We may have to use all available options against the bulldogs! If we are clicking like last week I like our chances.
  4. @corrigancamden09 where the heck did @GATA18 get off to? He gone lol
  5. Come on lol….I’ve not heard anything official yet.
  6. Some folks just gonna yap to be yapping . The whole unit played very well tonight.
  7. That’s a wrap! great job Centerville!
  8. We’ll never mind .. turn over on downs. Bears ball 45 secs left
  9. We’ve got to figure the physicality thing out
  10. They have played hard! CV has some athletes!!
  11. 34-14 bears have dominated on both sides of the ball.
  12. Good drive by Centerville 27-14 Timpson
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