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  1. I’ll give you this, you west rusk fellas been working them basketball concessions for awhile now and probably have perfected the fried crow…as long as you’re cooking “big” Nicky I’ll eat it if necessary
  2. That’s called eating crow for you at this point. In My best yoda voice…..jealous you are
  3. Maybe, maybe not, we’ll find out soon enough little fella
  4. Not everybody’s, but for sure yours lol Have a great day at day care little Nicky.
  5. I see what you did on all my previous post lol…..what are you like 12 or something LITTLE Nicky. Hoop, I think y’all just scored another basket
  6. …this is a possibility. I’ll save my breath on your waskom comments though…lol
  7. Soooooo…. You’re telling me there’s a chance lol
  8. Hawley rolls….dark horse goes back to the stable lol
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