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  1. I think the better way to judge the current is to look at both Garrison games. Garner was out early in both game with injuries and Howard wasn’t involved in either game. Garrison was no joke and we pulled off wins both times. To me this is the gauge as we move forward.
  2. How did that work out for Garrsion in the end? How did that work out for Cooper and Centerville last year? Many have tried… You very well could have worked at A&M…in the janitorial department taking out Jimbos trash.
  3. You should get with @RETIREDFAN1 he’s been know to have contacts for some great therapist throughout the years. You’re having some kinda Bussey envy issues…
  4. That nut job you’re replying too can’t be reasoned with..waste of time….BUT you my friend are correct.
  5. Reckon we have our first A.I. Smoaky member with this nut job?? And I might be stretching the “I” part of that.
  6. If you keeping replying to yourself it’s not going to be a very interesting conversation
  7. Bears vs a tribe of wild injuns…I think the Bears rip down the teepee and have a feast.
  8. This comment is probably enough to get Garner fired up to score 3-4 touchdowns by himself….nicely done
  9. I think you are right!! I we start resting some starters SOON! I don’t care if they score a few times
  10. Took the ball out of their hands and ran it back! #8
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