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  1. Great season Lindale. So proud of you guys. What an amazing run. Hold your heads high. Congrats Argyle
  2. Alright boys it’s almost game time. Play hard and bring home that championship
  3. It doesn’t list it as a channel. You have to click on regional channels and then put in your zip code and then it will show those channels
  4. I’m so bummed right now. I was soooo excited to go to the game but I just tested positive today for covid . So flippin irritated
  5. Just wondering but has anyone heard anything on Jenkins? He looked like he was limping pretty bad at the end of the LBJ game
  6. This is true but that was also Lindale’s first game of the season. They are a completely different team now.
  7. Can’t believe I’m saying it but Lindale is in the state championship. So proud of that team. I’ve lived in Lindale my whole life and all I can say is this is a long time coming. Obviously Argyle is a huge favorite in this game but Lindale has shown they are a force to be reckoned with. If our guys come out and play a perfect game and fire in all cylinders I think we have a chance. Good luck to both teams and safe travels to Jerry’s World
  8. GOING TO STATE!!!!!!!! I’ve only been waiting for this all my life lol. So happy for those boys. Great comeback. On to Jerry’s World
  9. Lindale beat Kilgore by 2 touchdowns last week and they only lost by one touchdown to Midlothian Heritage and Gilmer. They were also up by 3 touchdowns at the half on Gilmer and just had a horrible 3rd quarter to blow the lead. Both those games were also early in the season. I honestly see this game going in Lindale’s favor by at least 14
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