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  1. Lindale should take it. As long as they play like they did last night they should be fine
  2. Yea I’m sure. Lindale did play a great game last night and did look like a different team. Not sure what that has to do with Kilgore and Chapel hill.
  3. That was totally unexpected but I’m really happy about it. That was a completely different team out there tonight. They were firing on all cylinders
  4. It was on Facebook. Apparently like 25 of the football players got baptized on Wednesday
  5. Just heard about the big baptism is Chapel Hill. That’s awesome
  6. Lindale has been in a district multiple times with Whitehouse. They aren’t a team to be scared of. Lindale’s defense definitely has its issues but I fully believe they will pull off the win Friday
  7. I’m taking Lindale. It will be a battle but I think Lindale has the edge
  8. Well that was a heck of an offensive game. Both defenses are bad. Lindale’s is a little worse
  9. So what your saying is eat in Lindale before coming to Gilmer lol
  10. I’m thinking this will be a high scoring battle of the offenses. It seems that neither team has a defense.
  11. I’m taking Lindale but not not very confident in that pick. If Lindale’s defense can actually get some stops then they stand a good chance. I’m thinking it will be a battle of the offenses and whoever scores last wins
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