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  1. If CH comes out and has a horrible first half like they have multiple times this year they will lose this game. If they come out playing good the whole game then it could go either way. My gut tells me Kilgore is taking this one
  2. Yep those 2 defensive TD’s were absolute killers. Was a really fun game up until that point lol
  3. Great season Lindale. That was a hard fought game that got out of hand late. Congrats Kilgore on the win. Good luck the rest of the way
  4. Well Lindale came out not playing well at first but it’s a game now. Kilgore up 28-23 at the half
  5. GAME DAY! I’m full of turkey and ready for some football. LETS GO EAGLES!
  6. Excited about this one. My birthday is next Saturday so I’m hoping Lindale will give me an early birthday present and pull out the win
  7. Way to go Lindale. Way to battle the second half
  8. Well it should ease your mind to know the guys on sideline to sideline are picking Brazosport lol
  9. Honestly they’re offense reminds me a lot of ours. It should be a great game.
  10. Good game Vidor. No offense but I’m happy to be past that slot t lol. On to week two against Brazosport it looks like
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