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  1. Great game CH. I really didn’t think y’all had it in you but yall proved me wrong. Good luck next week
  2. No nut hugging here, I just truly don’t see CH beating them. Kilgore absolutely has a shot at taking them down but CH has too many bone headed mistakes and that will definitely cost them in this game. After seeing how both Lindale and Kilgore handled CH, I think they’re done this round. Of course I could be wrong and CH may win. It is high school football, anything can happen
  3. Trust me, I didn’t believe it either until I saw it. They are very good.
  4. Don’t get me wrong, Kilgore has an elite defense and I absolutely believe if it’s Kilgore vs IC in the 4th round it will be a heck of a fight. I’m just going off how the two teams played Lindale. Lindale was able to move the ball better against Kilgore than against IC.
  5. Lindale is a power run team and IC shut them down. You really are way too confident. That will change Friday
  6. lol this is hilarious. Tell me if you still think they are a JV team after Friday. CH has already been shut down twice this year and honestly IC has probably the best defense I’ve seen all year. Kilgore is a close second but Kilgore does give up some yards against the rushing game. IC shuts it down. I’m sure Stewart will break loose some, but it won’t be enough. I see IC winning this game convincingly
  7. I like your confidence but I’m telling you IC is the real deal. If CH plays like they did against Lindale or Kilgore, there is no way they beat IC
  8. This is absolutely true. They had Thurman dead to rights. He couldn’t do anything. Not only does IC have some ball hawks they swarm to the ball and tackle very well. Some of the best tackling I’ve seen in a while. I just don’t see CH being able to pull this one out. I could wrong but I just feel IC will be too much
  9. The reason they went away from the power run was because they were getting smashed every time. I don’t think it was Lindale making bad play calls as much as it was IC just shutting us down. No matter what Lindale did it didn’t work. The first drive we were able to move the ball and then the next pass for a td caught them off guard but they figured it out real quick and that’s all she wrote. I will say the pass to Ward for a td was beautiful. Ward will be a force next year. Tough for the season to end but it was to who could very well be the state champ. I don’t see CH getting past them and if Kilgore gets past Needville it will be an absolute beast of a game against IC in the regional game
  10. I’m gonna be 100% honest, I don’t think CH makes it passed Iowa Colony. They are flat out good. I think if it’s Kilgore vs IC in the fourth it will be an absolute battle and I really don’t know who will win it. 2 very tough teams
  11. Lindale did try to use that game plan, and plan B, and plan C. Nothing worked. IC completely shut down the offense. The defense actually got like 4 or 5 stops but the offense couldn’t put points on the board. IC 100% out played Lindale. I hate that we’re done but losing to a team like that I can handle. They are GOOD! I honestly see them playing Kilgore in the regional game and possibly beating Kilgore
  12. Man I was completely wrong about this one. I am here to eat my crow. IC is the real deal. They are a very good team
  13. Yes Lumberton looked pretty bad. That qb couldn’t throw a good pass to save his life
  14. I was wondering the same thing
  15. This is correct. Now I’m not saying it was always in the red zone. There were times we would be driving good and get on y’all’s end of the field but not in the red zone and then stall out because we tried to pass. The problem was Lindale was getting about 3 to 4 yards on most carries so they needed every down to convert. So when they tried passing and it didn’t work they wasted a down and ended up stalling
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