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  1. We won 1 game so don’t act like you did something by beating SA this year. You pretty much played a JV. We had a ton of freshmen and sophomores starting. Enjoy it while it lasts. We will be back to thumping you soon enough.
  2. He did throw. How do you think I’ve come to that conclusion genius?
  3. If you can make Shelbyville have to throw the ball you win. Their QB can’t hit the broadside of a barn.
  4. There is Timpson and then there is everyone else.
  5. Joaquin wins by 21. Garrison doesn’t have the athletes and their big o line can’t block well.
  6. Really ugly game by SA. They were ready for basketball from the get go. Shelbyville could run the ball, but they can’t throw well at all. Good luck in the playoffs.
  7. I believe SA will play as tough as they can. They know there is a possibility to get to the playoffs with a win over Shelbyville and Joaquin beating Garrison. I see a close game, but could be wrong.
  8. Well San Augustine has had that problem all year. It wasn’t just against Timpson.
  9. San Augustine was tearing through folks for a couple of years and had hick ups in the semi final game. You have to play hard nose defense to get past Region 4. If Timpson makes it I hope they bring their A game.
  10. SA and Joaquin are polar opposites. If they can move the ball they will grind the clock out and leave your offense on the sideline.
  11. I think Joaquin will slow the game down with their offense. They can be the best in the regular season at keeping a high powered offense off the field. I think Timpson still wins, but I don’t think it will be a high scoring game.
  12. SA can still make the playoffs with a win over Shelbyville next week.
  13. Garrison finishes us out 31-30 ball game. Good game Garrison.
  14. SA scores and gets 2 pt conversion. Garrison up 31-30 with 6 mins left.
  15. SA scores. Pat blocked and returned for 2. Score is 31-22 Garrison with 9 mins left.
  16. Garrison scores. Garrison up 29-16. Start of 4th.
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