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  1. Just wondering if a loss by 7 touchdowns considered a blowout?
  2. Hs beat ore city by 20+ without said man child. They should beat QC and the Harelton game will be a good one. The EF game will be a different story though. Teams with alot of speed is who HS struggles with.
  3. Did new Diana cancel? I know ore city shut down but didn't know about nd.
  4. I see this alot. Where do you find these predictions. What site?
  5. I heard that whole goal to go series was jacked. Wrong personnel on 1st 2nd and 3rd and stupid play call on 4th. Also hear there's alot of grumbling going on in the Atl
  6. Wrong district. The DEC that df is in voted.
  7. Ive never been good at doing what I've been told to do. Scary Ace to u too I guess.
  8. My guess is that they would leave it up to a team vote. I know there were alot of players hurt and mad that he turned his back on them. Still think they would accept him back if he was apologetic. Would hate to see his high school career over.
  9. I thought he could but would have to sit out 2 weeks from enrollment date
  10. Wasn't HS. A df person posted it was someone who used to be affiliated with DLSISD that turned them in. Said alot of people knew exactly who it was. But sure blame us for that too.
  11. Would you recommend a pair or a set? I'm torn between the two.
  12. Where you want to meet up after school? Bike rack? GTFOH
  13. Not saying you won't win. I also know of at least 2 starters on df that live in HS but they transferred the right way. Hell the DF principals kids go to HS. Funny how y'all ### about HS for just following the rules set by the uil. The mv thing only hurt HS because in district they were the only team that faced them with the ineligible players. From what I've heard almost all transfers in the state are challenged. Did y'all ### at pewitt for challenging the transfer last year? Just saying it's curious how these top athletes are transferring to df for their senior year for y'all's academic super
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