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  1. Atlanta just turrrible. Not terrible - turrrrible. That defense helped them stay in the game again but that offense was turrrrible. Playcalling at times jus made me put my hands over my eyes. The flip flopping quarterbacks all season did none of em any good. They never did have a QB. They threw more picks this year than I ever seen them throw in a season. Just over and over and over. If they played 11 games I bet they threw 25 interceptions. Offense left the defense on the field time and time again. It never got any better. They had lots of issues throughout the season. RB was a stud but he di
  2. I do think atl can win this game but NB been playing everybody tough. Battle of the bottom feeders.
  3. Hahaha it really a sad situation, but we only seem to get worse with each passing year. I wanna see a hard nosed, discipline football team that lay the wood and show up for the bus and win games.
  4. I really think Pewitt gonna win this. I watch both of them beat up on my team, and Pewitt just looked better imo.
  5. Pitt not gonna win out. L-E will beat Pitt. Whats goin on in Pittsburg tho? Hard to believe the pitt team I been watching these past few years are struggling like this. I knew they were young last year but what's the deal now
  6. And to add to that 4 out of 6 teams going to the playoffs and you here again 2 years in a row fighting to TIE TO GO TO PLAYOFFS. No excuses. Miss playoffs 3 out of last 5 years, lucky to get in back in 2017 just to lose in the 1st round.
  7. ATL already imploding. It not good here. My boy said lots of posts by coaches and parents on facebook talkin about all kinds of inspirational things. Let me tell you how it is. ATL has not won a district championship since 2006. Somebody told me this is the longest drought ATL has ever had getting a district title in football. I bet not a coach 1 of ATL has been here this long without winning a district championship. Idk if that's true but I do know we haven't won it since Coach Sharnberg. People in ATL thinking this is okay is no different than the people of Queen City cheering for playing cl
  8. You always got a funny way of saying things but I like it
  9. I feel atlanta can win this game, but they definitely gonna have to cut down on the TOs. Better this week but still not great. Threw a pick in clutch time and can't do that.
  10. You mean you don't listen to them @Bclove05
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