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  1. This thread is about to derail into a thread about geography (opinions about geography really)....
  2. Dang bro... spitting some heat
  3. is this real? please tell me this is real
  4. Who is this Cooper guy everyone keeps talking about. I thought the new coach's name was McCain?
  5. Why would anyone ever leave the wonderful city of San Angelo? Place is truly a gem of Texas beauty.
  6. The UIL needs to do something about this to make sports more equitable.
  7. Do they still require that applicants attach a picture of themselves with their resume?
  8. Why are we talking about the home of George Washington??
  9. You can't talk about alcohol on here... The Baptists will get you.
  10. They don't let felons vote any more. But if I could, I would.
  11. I'm a firm believer in very strict pun control.
  12. The moderators need to get the puns under control on this thing.
  13. Because Aledo makes kids wear matching cleats and gloves, and Carthage lets kids be kids.
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