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  1. Heck yes!!!! 12th oldest rivalry in Texas!!! LEEEEEEET'S GOOOOOO!
  2. I didn't have internet because of Joe Biden's inflation. But my ex wife got her student loans forgiven, so now we have a little extra money for stuff like this.
  3. BOY!!! I tell you what... we have never lost to a team from Louisiana, and we won't start now! We are from TEXAS!
  4. I have looked everwhere for a schedule... who are we playing tonight???
  5. Chad Morris?? Could be a good gig for him.
  6. Back in my day, we just hauled square bales to make us stronger. Didn't need that fancy weight lifting stuff.
  7. I've met thousands of people from Linden... never met a soul from Kildare.
  8. This is a diamond in the rough! Linden is a great town. I don't know much about Kildare though.
  9. Hope the NFL got him ready for the battle that is "The Oldest Rivalry in Texas"
  10. When are the boys down the road gonna hire a new head ball coach? Heck, they have a wal mart.... seems like they should be able to attract a pretty decent coach.
  11. #1: 1983 Daingerfield Tigers #2: 1985 Daingerfield Tigers #3: 1984 Daingerfield Tigers
  12. Whoever hires the coach from Childress will end up with the "best hire"
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