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  1. Matthew, please do not get this forum's users to try to define what is or isn't East Texas... it literally turns into actual violence every time.
  2. Well that obviously wont work... and I am pretty sure that, according to LK's local ordinance, a powder blue polo will result in the death penalty.
  3. So if LK hires a coach that owns a bunch of blue polos then y'all will be as good as Carthage? Is that how that works?
  4. are these lineman challenges like competitive eating competitions or what?
  5. After a quick google search, I can definitively say that I have no respect for their school board.
  6. If this town's mascot isn't "Wheels" I have no respect for the school board.
  7. Basketball is almost as stupid as powerlifting... "hey guys, lets drive two hours to lift other people's weights"... smdh
  8. Serious issue... I have literally met thousands of Linden. Not even one from Kildare. Can someone please explain this to me.
  9. They have to take loans to make payroll... last I heard.
  10. Isn't Tioga going to shut down???
  11. Is this the same Groverton that was talked about in the famous TXHSFB movie Remember the Titans?
  12. Gunter has more playoff wins at Jerry World than the Dallas Cowboys do.
  13. Yep, and Oklahoma kids aren't as good as Louisiana kids. That's why we never won state.
  14. Well, they had all of those players from Louisiana when they won state... so I just assumed.
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