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  1. Hey man, next time, don't hold anything back.
  2. You're going to have to stir the pot a little more around here to get something going.
  3. the UIL would never allow another 4A DIV II team be more talented than Carthage
  4. Looks like they'll be riding into the sunset with the consolidation of schools in Wichita... They're always doing weird stuff in Kansas.
  5. What does ROHO stand for??? Something I have always wondered.
  6. I don't know anything about Iowa football... I'm pretty much only interested in bEast Texas Football.
  7. are you talking about tonight or tomorrow??? the title of the post was unclear.
  8. Spoiler alert... he has been fired.
  9. Omaha, Texas... Home of the worst DQ in Northeast Texas
  10. Nope... we'll give those to the special teams haha
  11. Defense only (counting blocked punts that are scores as defensive points)
  12. Sure why not... Not like anyone on here has ever clearly defined East Texas anyway.
  13. Harmony? more like HOWMANY... points are they going to score.
  14. Elysian Fields is in Louisiana.
  15. This thread is about to derail into a thread about geography (opinions about geography really)....
  16. Dang bro... spitting some heat
  17. is this real? please tell me this is real
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