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  1. 6 hours ago, MattStepp said:

    Thats a long way from East Texas lol 

    Matthew, please do not get this forum's users to try to define what is or isn't East Texas... it literally turns into actual violence every time.

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  2. 51 minutes ago, cotton84 said:

    L-K for 50+ years has been blue and white…..football team had an all black uniform in 2023……saw several pictures of him at school, where he more than likely knew his picture was going to be taken that particular day, and he would have black and brown/tan clothes on with no blue or white…….Jerry Bennett was not a hometown L-K guy, but Jerry was proud to wear blue and white clothing while employed by L-K(just an example). 
    Clothing color does not make a person bad, by no means…..not saying he is not a good guy…….But never seen John King at Longview, Scott Surratt at Carthage, or Jeff Taylor when he was at Gilmer wear clothes not in line with their school. 

    So if LK hires a coach that owns a bunch of blue polos then y'all will be as good as Carthage? Is that how that works?

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  3. 44 minutes ago, HCTH97 said:

    Thought I’d give a bit of information on Region 2. Been reading Smoaky for years, first time to post. I am a Tioga fan and really looking forward to next season. The two toughest teams from our Region last year ( Tolar and Marlin) are no longer in Region 2. Tioga and Italy made it to the 3rd round and return some talent. Italy has a great QB and Tioga only lost 6 seniors. Axtell and DeLeon return good numbers and both were very solid last season. I think Coleman, Wolf City, and Valley Mills will also be in the mix. This might surprise some folks, but Tom Bean was very solid last year and returns almost everyone. 
    From your district, Cayuga has been very consistent the last couple of years. Mildred drops from 3A and was 2-1 last year verse new district foes. Carlisle is always tough and Frankston has a bunch returning. 
    This Region won’t be near as tough as Region 3, but still a very good Region. 

    Isn't Tioga going to shut down??? 

  4. 34 minutes ago, playactionpass39 said:

    Lots of pressure on this hire with the success PN-G is having.

    Will be interesting to see what direction they go and if they are able to attract a coach capable of competing.

    I have always thought Nederland had the better athletes, but it seems lately PN-G wants to be better and is wiling to do what it takes.

    Ten or eleven years ago, I would have taken the Nederland job over PN-G and I was coaching in the same District as those two schools at the time.

    They don't let coaches compete anymore... Probably since Pete Rose bet on baseball and was a player/coach for a time period.

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  5. 11 hours ago, ANTI said:

    He'll certainly have some work to do. Don't think they've won more than 4 games in a season in their existence...and there doesn't appear to be much talent.

    Maybe his D1 son comes down from Oklahoma and helps the team a little.

    In my experience, D1 kids tend to help football programs out. the more the merrier I always say.

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