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  1. I mostly worked with the FBI to help with their money laundering investigations during my 8 years. I didn't have the "normal" prison experience.
  2. You're a bully! What the heck dude. Back off!
  3. Won't be an assumption after Friday. I could be wrong and will admit it if I am. But seriously, take your own ambulance and AED.
  4. Man I was so confused. I was like, "Why isn't Rear of the Steer crowded?" and then when got to the stadium, I was like "Dang, I'm getting a really good parking space"... I wish someone would have told me our game was in Mt Pleasant.
  5. How did they sneak up? did yall not read the schedule?
  6. Man, I've never seen so many games cancelled because of COVID until this year. What's the deal?
  7. In the words of Pam Tillis, "Don't tell me what to do"
  8. Toss up to me... Pewitt is better than Daingerfield. If y'all are playing in Mt Pleasant, take your own ambulance and your own AED.... Pewitt doesn't have anything.
  9. Go back and check! It still says Linden
  10. How is it my fault? Lots of people are bad at geometry!
  11. It’s the only Mt Vernon I’ve ever heard of
  12. But that’s not my fault that I’m not good at geography
  13. I was late to DeKalb vs Pewitt (late 3rd quarter) because I thought it was being played in Omaha (rear of the steer was good).... but all my drinking buddies in the stands said they DeKalb was outmatched. But I think DK bounces back this week for sure. Get ready for some spread from the Bears... I heard they were going air raid!
  14. Nope. I think Prairiland wins by two touchdowns
  15. Dang. I would have thought they would have stayed in Coach Griffin's Split Back Veer. Best offense ever... can't stop it.
  16. I've never heard of either of these places. Please only talk about towns that I know.
  17. I fully agree with one of your predictions and fully disagree with two of them. I'm not telling which ones......
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