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  1. He better not come around here. I'll hurt his feelings.
  2. Paul Pewitt could beat Daingerfield by himself!
  3. We need to be talking about East Texas football. Why does anyone care about a team in Pennsylvania?
  4. Oh yeah, good point. I totally understand now!
  5. I want to bring special attention to the individuals on the chain crew and people who came out of the stands to administer CPR and save this person’s life. They did an amazing job! It is time for the UIL to require an ambulance at every game, and there should ALWAYS be an AED on the sidelines.
  6. Two intangibles that will determine this game: Pewitt: how healthy are their key players? D-Field: how disciplined/focused are they? I honestly see this being a 14 point game... but I don’t know who comes out ahead.
  7. This thing autocorrected me. But there was a massive ball dropped. I pray that the official makes a full recovery.
  8. There was NOT an ambulance on stand by. And Pewitt did NOT have an AED on scene (DeKalb did). And I am not being my normal troll self. These are facts. Pewitt poop the bed on this one.
  9. Why would it be in mount pleasant? DeKalb is playing pewitt
  10. About to load up the truck and head to Omaha.... going to be a good game!
  11. You're probably right. I'm not very smart.
  12. Ohhhhh I get it. So is the town going to change its name? Because John Tyler was a slave owner and James Smith (county is named for him) was also a slave owner. Seems like it would all have to change if they changed the name of the schools
  13. There is NO bait. I don't understand what's going on in Tyler. I'm just trying to learn. Knowledge is power.
  14. i walked to school when i was a kid. no short bus for me.
  15. What are you talking about? It's a legit opinion.
  16. So what happened to John Tyler and Tyler Lee? Did the TISD shut them down and build two new ones?
  17. Carthage is very overrated this year. Jasper with the upset!
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