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  1. You should probably go to the doctor. Is that a symptom of COVID?
  2. You and your brother usually get really angry stir stuff up
  3. You're just spreading blatant lies at this point.
  4. When is this thread going to turn into a dumpster fire?
  5. Coach G has ALWAYS run the Split Back Veer. ALWAYS. I don't think he would change it.
  6. Did you watch? Is that what you're in to? What ever floats your boat man.
  7. You think Quitman would have scored 60? Dang.
  8. Why did they cancel it? Because of the hurricane?
  9. The Goats brought back their old coach from the 90s. I love it when towns do that.
  10. I'm surprised Center hasn't popped a few more positive COVID cases right before this game.
  11. I've met hundreds of people from Linden. Never met anyone from Kidlare.
  12. Kinks like snapping the ball over the QBs head, false starting, throwing punches. Scrambling around for 10 seconds and then launching the ball 60 yard. Those the kinks you are talking about?
  13. DeKlab is ready! We have a game Friday, but I bet we would play on Saturday.
  14. I just realized that this Mount Vernon is not George Washington's home. Man, I feel kind of dumb.
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