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  1. Wait, the score is 7-5 already? Why are they playing on Monday? COVID?
  2. Shelbyville didn't have anyone wearing number 10? I don't understand how the number matters. The numbers a kid has on his jersey shouldn't have anything to do with the outcome.
  3. ANTIFA is an idea, not an actual group.
  4. I dated a girl with daddy issues named Shelby once. Not really sure where I'm going with this. SHELBYville wins this one.
  5. Henderson better beat Linden... they're a 2A.
  6. Home town of George "The Father of Our Country" Washington wins this one. Can't stop George, God, or Briles. #MAGA
  7. Why is Chapel Hill playing Linden? They're a 2A
  8. Thank God this is a football game and not a spelling bee.
  9. I love watching two Wing T or Split Back Veer teams go at it! This one will be fun to watch. Hard nosed option football.
  10. That's what I'm saying... just think how good they could be if they had some of the plays I made on Madden. My plays are unstoppable.
  11. Being proud to be an East Texan just like George Washington is nothing to joke about. #MAGA
  12. Mt. Vernon is a town on I-30 in East Texas. Art Briles is the coach. I don't know what you're confused about.
  13. Have you ever been to Harleton? They don't have computers.
  14. Two very masculine sounding city names in this one.
  15. Why did the Tyler school change their names? Did I miss something?
  16. Timpson has a chance to be good if they could ever get the offense to start clicking.
  17. I just googled Mt Vernon, and learned that Mt. Vernon was George Washington's home. WOW! The father of our country is from East Texas. Makes me proud to be an East Texan! #MAGA
  18. Since when did they move the state championship to the middle of the year??? This is very confusing to me.
  19. Wait, there is a city called Atlanta in Texas?
  20. Let's only talk about Texas High School Football please.
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