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  1. Back in my day, we just hauled square bales to make us stronger. Didn't need that fancy weight lifting stuff.
  2. I've met thousands of people from Linden... never met a soul from Kildare.
  3. This is a diamond in the rough! Linden is a great town. I don't know much about Kildare though.
  4. Hope the NFL got him ready for the battle that is "The Oldest Rivalry in Texas"
  5. When are the boys down the road gonna hire a new head ball coach? Heck, they have a wal mart.... seems like they should be able to attract a pretty decent coach.
  6. #1: 1983 Daingerfield Tigers #2: 1985 Daingerfield Tigers #3: 1984 Daingerfield Tigers
  7. Whoever hires the coach from Childress will end up with the "best hire"
  8. That's some pretty fancy stuff right there.
  9. Mr. Clean, Please only use newspaper articles from East Texas publications. We don't want this website to be taken over by west texas oil field trash. Sincerely, bEast Texas Community
  10. Carrier pigeon in Northeast Texas??? someone would shoot that sucker out of the sky and throw it on the grill.
  11. We talk about Texas football on here... nobody cares about Ohio.
  12. Cumby is the speed trap of "east" texas
  13. So you hold Leviticus 18:19 near and dear to your heart? What about Leviticus 11:10 and Leviticus 11:12??? No more crawfish boils.
  14. The Bible doesn’t say I can’t drink beer everyday… but the Baptists say it’s a sin. It’s very confusing to me. Must like this whole turf thing is for you.
  15. Good for him for sticking to his guns. God wants football to be played on grass. Turf is another way humans try to outsmart God. I have no respect for ISDs that put turf in.
  16. Hey now, take it easy on Coach Derpy Derp. He's a great coach and a better man!
  17. I had the COVIDs…. Raging diarrhea
  18. They only play with six guys? Did the other 5 guys get COVID?
  19. Do they sell beer during the state games? Or do I have to pregame in the parking lot?
  20. Well suddenlink is an American Company... They don't need to be operating in Canada anyway. Too high taxes and too much government bureaucracy in my opinion.
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