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  1. 34 minutes ago, Luther said:

    Isn't this the same place that offered the job to the wrong guy the last time it was open and didn't catch the mistake until the wrong guy showed up for the board meeting?

    is this real? please tell me this is real

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  2. Powerlifting is by far the dumbest sport of all time (even dumber than basketball).

    Here is powerlifting in nutshell:

    Step 1: buy expensive wraps and bench shirts

    Step 2: practice putting on those wraps and bench shirts

    Step 3: practice lifting weights

    Step 4: burn expensive diesel to drive to another school

    Step 5: have your school give another school a check so your kids can lift someone else's weights

    Step 6: have your coach turn his hat backwards and try yell "UP!" louder than any other coach (bonus points if it startles small children)

    Step 7: hire judges that know super obscure rules that are different for boys and girls

    Step 8: feed the kids that have starved themselves in order to "make weight"

    Step 9: get on the bus and drive back to the locker room that is located right next to a perfectly good weight room


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