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  1. Time time time if you get on DF early and play Time of position it’s hard to just do deep ball on Waskom and I like there Waskom DB
  2. Waskom can win just on the Defense side of the ball the Offense going need some game time
  3. What I’m hearing from the kids people think Waskom is going back to like it was not winning and losing game y’all just don’t understand the heart of them young kids and what Coach K did to them on going to Tatum in a Close door sitting they are very upset then you take the all state QB but go on a sleep on Waskom if like want too
  4. They better lol Waskom will never over look y’all like last year
  5. A big time bust in my eye when you had everything going for you in Tennessee
  6. The way you play Define you as a player why cry you up by 30? Lol
  7. Lol creer was a ### he cry all night on calls he didn’t get and y’all was up so I don’t feel sorry for guy that don’t play the game right and thanks for video I lost my highlights in Hurricane Harvey
  8. Smh I no why kids stop playing Sports and yes I did get a Concussion that’s why I stop playing ball in college but thank for Reminding me on my grammar
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