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  1. Say bro lol it’s hard very hard to Practice wing t there been more State champions they run’s this type of Office but you have to have the players and we do
  2. Weak we see and like I told Newton is hard to Practice for that wing T with the speed we have Newton gave Waskom all they need to beat y’all so keep it up
  3. Idk care it’s hard to Practice the wing t then see it in the game and Waskom pass too
  4. Well I feel you on that but last year no body had Waskom going know where and with a back up QB they was one game from state this year is different they got a Wake up call with a Good Timpson team that will give a lot people Problems and now I don’t see no team beating them just my Opinion
  5. Like I said I’m a grown man I don’t have to prove poop to you all talk you was thems guys that never played football but talk poop when you get out of high school saying if I did played lol weak weak weak get off the site bro
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