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  1. Weak we see and like I told Newton is hard to Practice for that wing T with the speed we have Newton gave Waskom all they need to beat y’all so keep it up
  2. Idk care it’s hard to Practice the wing t then see it in the game and Waskom pass too
  3. Well I feel you on that but last year no body had Waskom going know where and with a back up QB they was one game from state this year is different they got a Wake up call with a Good Timpson team that will give a lot people Problems and now I don’t see no team beating them just my Opinion
  4. Like I said I’m a grown man I don’t have to prove poop to you all talk you was thems guys that never played football but talk poop when you get out of high school saying if I did played lol weak weak weak get off the site bro
  5. And you will say that I won state when in something your weak never did so I don’t have to Prove myself
  6. Say you can take your Bull poop somewhere else Waskom had kids for years we just never had the Resources to put out playoff teams till now it’s not what you did in the past it’s what you doing now and we have a program we building i don’t who you are care to no it’s Wildcatnation over here !!!! And plz it’s football take the Trump and Biden poop out of it plz
  7. Yes they did but Waskom won they District and y’all is playing us ?? That tell me y’all didn’t fair so good in your on district Waskom Chasing Ring just not playoff Appearances
  8. So Waskom is worry about one team it is CC not Dangerfield ,Newton, EF and on the game I will take Experience in the big stage then some fast kids that don’t play all full Quarters you hit them in cold weather they will fall …… Facts
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