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  1. Again, if you don’t like it; kick rocks and move on. I owe you no explanation for anything. Are you a coach by any chance?
  2. They’ve only played each other once. They based that off of one meeting?
  3. I figure being Im a taxpayer and all that I am entitled to voice my concerns. if what I say butt hurts you, scroll on by.
  4. I hear ya. I’ve been familiar with Herring for a long time. I have a question for you. As I’m starting to learn there is a lot of coaches that come on this app who get pretty butt hurt when someone questions coaches decisions. What point would YOU question a coach? I don’t come on here to bash coaches, but when I see BS, I’ll call it out.
  5. The middle wasn’t the problem. Timpson made adjustments on defense after the Garrison game and it showed. Centerville and Cooper didn’t have much success between the tackles. I will agree on the no calls, but that isn’t what lost this game
  6. You are right. It’s obvious you didn’t watch the game.
  7. Do you even proof read your post? Your last two are total contractions.
  8. Whose job is it to develop talent? Im not coach bashing, but Timpson was out coached tonight. No different than the 2021 semifinals game. I’ve already read a few other comments pointing out the little flaws with Timpson. Like it or not, but criticism comes with the job.
  9. How many Timpson games have you watched?
  10. I disagree. The best coached team won
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